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Meet the Expert: Khyati Mashru


Khyati Mashru specializes in discovering Financial DNA’s of individuals. She founded Plantrich Consultancy LLP, about half a decade ago. They manage 500 + customized portfolios of Corporates, HOD’s of MNC’s, NRI’s, Businessmen’s, VIP’s and very well-known celebrities.

She truly believes that everyone’s situation is unique and requires a personalized approach. Out of her experience of meeting 5,000+ people at various forums and discussing about their finances she believes that minor financial adjustments can lead to major financial improvements. Her organization is also working on an initiative called “Money & Me” through which they focus on financially empowering women of India.

4 years ago

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Anil Kumar : 6 months ago

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She's also a keen blogger on ndtv.com and has been an in between columnist with Indian Express - ‘Stock Talk’ and Mint - ‘Money Matters’.

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