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Q 1) Bhaskar Molluk,

48 years old ,  After two years I will retire
from service alongwith a lumpsump amount about 30 lacks. At present I am
investing in mutual fund since 2009 . I have also invested in LIC . My complete
portfolio are as under :



LIC - Jeevan Saathi 3300/PA, Jeevan Saral - 12000/PA, Jeevan Surakshya-
154000/-PA(Only 3 years) , Jeevan Tarang- 150000/-(One time)



Mutual Fumnd - IDFC Premire Eq fund(G) -2000/-PM , HDFC Eq fund (G) -
1000/-PM , Reliance Banking Fund (G)- 1000/-PM, DSP BR Small and Mid Cap -
1000/-PM, HDFC Gold Fund (G) -1000/PM, Reliance Pharma fund (G) - 500/-PM .

One Time investment in Mutual Fund - Reliance MIP -35000/-, Reliance
Balance - 49000/- , HDFC Prudance 69000/-



Please suggest me how to invest Lumpsump amount of 30 lacks after



Please suggest me for any changes in my present portfolio .



Please suggest me how to manage my retirement life.

My requirement/goal :



Rs. 40000/-PM required for expenditure.

Rs. 10,00,000/- requred in next two/three years for higher education of
my two daughters.



Rs. 30,00,000/- required in next seven years for marriage of my two

My contact No is 09454695478 (LUCKNOW)


<> Given
that you would like to achieve the financial goals of children’s higher
education and marriage, I must tell you that 30 Lakhs will be insufficient
factoring in your retirement span of 25 to 30 years where your monthly income
would come in periodically from the same corpus.

You must engage a financial planner to
do a comprehensive retirement planning exercise for you taking into account
your LIC policies, their surrender values, their future cash-flows, current
mutual fund holdings, family goals, monthly expenses and inflation. Apologies
for not being able to help you out but given your situation I would require lot
of data before I give any recommendation. You have chosen good mutual funds
though. The list must be trimmed down keeping in mind overall asset allocation
suited to your age and family goals.


Q 2) Ashish


 Respected Madam


I have
query regarding Pure Endowment plan(Life insurance).I have Max New York
Life Gain Plus-20 years
,HDFC Single Premium Whole Life Plan and ICICI
prudential guaranteed saving insurance plan
 under my consideration .I
am bit confused which one should I go for and my budget for paying premium is 30,000
per annum
. My aim at the end of 20 years down the line to get the portfolio
 of almost 20 lakh and kind of regular monthly income.

guide me regarding choice of Endowment plan.


Also I am
investing around 6000 per month in SIPs(Systematic investment plan) of 1000
each details as follow:

1)HDFC Top 200(G)

dividend Yield(G)

Premier Eqty –Plan A(G)

Black Crop- Top100(G)


Pru focused Bluechip  Eqty(G)


suggest me about my Portfolio alos I mean” IS I am on  write path in term
of my mutual fund  portfolio” and if not what changes I can do with my




I am
working in NOKIA L & C  as an IT Professional and I am 21 years old.


more details about me



IN Hand:
- 15,000 per month

Account: Royal Bank of Scotland N.V












<>  You have chosen good funds. Continue your SIPs
and ensure your investments are for the longer term. Regarding your other
question, we always recommend NOT to use insurance plans for your investment
goals. We encourage our viewers to invest by themselves using the top rated
mutual funds. If you want to build a corpus of 20 lakhs in 20 years, build it
by investing systematically using mutual funds. You must buy a term plan (pure
life insurance) to take care of your family needs in case of any risk to your
life. You are very young and given your age investment in equities directly or
through mutual funds is likely to give you decent returns if you stay invested
for long term.



Q 3) niraj


i wish to invest into gold etf.

my nvestment amount is 10 lacs.

shall i break up my amount into multiple gold efts to get liquidity

volume.(1 lakh in each etf approximately) .

which is best gold etf (in terms of expense ratio ,liquidity,and returns).

whether physical gold gives higher returns than gold etf  in long run

or the returns are same considering the making charges and deductions

in physical gold?

shall i go for bse trade or nse trade for gold etf?

waiting for the feedback


mr niraj shukla

<> Gold ETFs
are better than physical gold. You can redeem them proportionately to buy gold
in future as per your requirements. I would recommend buying Goldman Sachs Gold
BeES on NSE in 12-15 tranches in next 12-15 months.


Q 4) Venu Gopal




My name is Venu, am 37, single and working with a
reputed mnc in Bangalore. I have a mediclaim policy provided by my company (3
lac from Oriental) that covers me and my Mom (73 yrs) who stays with me.


Over and above this i have another mediclaim from
oriental for a 1.25 L cover. Given the increasing rise in hospitalisation costs
I would like to go in for a higher cover. Maybe 7to 10 Lacs.



  • Maximum features -covers maximum issues and cashless

  • Best claim settlement ratio - easy/approachable customer service/
    higher trust quotient

  • Prefer direct to TPA

  • Critical illness cover

  • Age limit -lifelong if possible

  • Higher claim window in case cashless not used for some reason

  • Economical in the category that can provide the above


I have shortlisted Appollo munich, Starhealth and
Max Bupa. Can you help me choose one? And please specify some names as
there are many products under individual policies. There are a lot of bad
reviews for most of them making it even more dificult to choose from


Secondly, is there any family floater that would
cover my 73 yr old mom too? She is normal and takes medicines only for BP which
is always under control.


Looking forward to your guidance on mail. Love
watching your show and you guys are brilliant. Keep it going please.


Thank you



Warm Regards,




<> I would recommend Apollo
Munich any day given your preferences for services and optimal cost. You can
consider “Easy Health Individual” plan with maximum coverage. Given your Mom’s
age it will be difficult to find an individual policy for her. Let her get
covered by your employer’s group insurance plan. You can also check out
if any option exists for enrolling people aged 65 or more under a family



Q 5Amit Dabholkar

Dear Madam,

Amit Dabholkar here, first of all thanks for you show, you are doing a

fantastic job!

I am 35 years old and investing in below mentioned funds for last 1.5

years Rs 2000 per month. Kindly let me know if my portfolio is

correct? Should I come out of some of these funds? Kindly advice.

Just recently added Rs 10,000 in lump sum in HDFC Equity Fund and HDFC

Top 200 Fund, is it good to do so? i.e invest lump sum amount in any

fund? Kindly advice.

1)Franklin India Flexi Cap Fund-Growth Plan

2)HDFC Equity Fund

3)HDFC Top 200 Fund -

4)L&T Opportunities Fund

5)Reliance Equity Opportunities

6)Reliance Infrastructure Fund

7)Sundaram Select Midcap

Also I am investing Rs 1 lakh per year in HDFC SL crest fund in

highest NAV option is this a good bet as I can come out of it since I

have just invested in it and have 30 days to decide, please advice.


I already have a term plan. 

Where can get good financial planner to advice me any websites? I

think I am not investing properly. Please help.

Waiting for your response.

Warm regards,

Amit Dabholkar



<> Do not worry about your lump
sum investments. They are fine in terms of timing and the choice of funds. If
the amount is large then staggering your investments through SIP would have
helped but given the range of market in last one year and assuming your investment
is for at least 3 years, your investments are fine.


For your SIPs, I would recommend you choose a set of Large
Cap, Multi Cap and Mid & Small Cap funds. If possible you should trim down
your list to HDFC Equity Fund, HDFC Top 200 Fund, Reliance Equity Opportunities,
and Franklin India Flexi Cap Fund only. And discontinue the rest.


Regarding HDFC SL Crest Plan, I don’t recommend mixing
investments with insurance. They are supposed to be taken care of separately as
their purposes are different. So if your free-look period is still on, try to
exit the plan.


Also, always ensure that your investments are part of your
overall financial plan to help you achieve your financial goals. You are
welcome to engage any financial planner who appears on LTM show. I can be
contacted directly at
if you need any help.



Q  6)


hello team,

Just saw the episode on NDTV- It was grt to hear
you gus are doing for the country- by spreading the right knowledge.

I'm Tushar Shirsat from Pune.

1.     My
salary is 12LPA (take home is 63K)

2.     Having
education loan of 4L ( emi- 15k pm,  from panjab bank)

3.     Having
car loan from ICICI of 4.5 L ( emi- 7780 pm)

4.     Office
loan of Rs 1 Lakh took last year for marriage ( emi Rs 4k pm)

5.     3
LIC policies for 38K PA ( I really do not understnad wht these policies are
for)- life cover for 10L total ( emi to be paid for 30 yrs)

6.     Maxx
new york policy - Premium - Rs 3750/qtr ( 15KPA) 

7.     House
rent for 11K PM

8.     Extra
expenses of another 15k PM

9.     Wife:
going thru a family way ( so no financial support as yet)

I really dont know whats happening to my financial
planning and I'm not controlling it, feels like some one else controlling it.


Can you plz guide me what do I do to secure-


1.     Insurance
for 25L

2.     Childs
education & marriage next 10 yrs later

3.     House
in Pune for 55L- next year

4.     Investment
for retirement - next 25 yrs.

Will really appreciate if you could guide me
asap.....as i feel little worrying about my situation right now.


Thanks & Regards,


M : 95820 45137


<> It is
very important that you prioritize your goals. Given your financial and family
situation wherein you are expecting a child, I would recommend the following:

you have the right life cover to protect your family in case of unforeseen
events. You must target a life insurance of at least 75 Lakhs. You mentioned
you are holding few insurance policies. Evaluate all your LIC and Max New York
Policies with a financial planner - understanding if they are pure money back,
or pure term or any combination of risk cover and money back.

aside savings to cover your 3 months expenses and EMIs. This should be saved as
contingency fund.

aside savings to cover your 3 months expenses and EMIs. This should be saved as
contingency fund.

you must target paying off your high interest loans on depreciating assets.
Your car loan and office loan can be paid off first. Since education loan gets
you tax advantages, it can be pre-paid later.

the focus on family for now until the baby arrives. Once that has happened
obviously your spending patterns will change and after observing your cashflows
for several months engage someone to help you do financial planning for goals
such as purchasing a new house, kid’s education & marriage and your
retirement. I think it’s little early to start worrying about those goals now.

have monthly savings of about 6500/-. If your contingency fund exists, then
this money can be invested in diversified equity mutual funds via SIPs. Feel
free to choose the top rated funds that we often refer to, in this program.



Q 7) Tirthankar


I am from Mumbai watching your program now . 

I want to know whether its good to invest in fmp for 1yr .and which fund to opt
for .

Can you please advise .


Tirthankar Mitra


<> Fixed
Maturity Plans give you tax advantages of indexation if used for terms beyond
365 days unlike fixed deposits. Since they are market linked their returns are
not guaranteed but they carry the advantage of higher returns (attributed to
higher risks) and tax advantage. Most of the fund houses offer FMPs every
month. I would suggest you choose one from FMPs of HDFC, DSP BR, IDFC and Birla


8 years ago

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