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Q 1) Parijeet Chakranarayan
Hi All,
This is Parijeet Chakranarayan from Pune, I am 28 years old and have few queries about investment.
I have recently sold my property, through which I have got 15 lacs. I am a salaried person and my annual CTC is 3 lacs. My queries are:

1) If I keep this amount in my savings account is this amount taxable? (How much I can keep in savings account for emergency fund)

2) How to invest these 15 lacs for next 2-3years to get max returns

3) On top of that I can invest 15000 every month from my salary.

Right now I don’t have any investments, savings (MF’s or FD’s) or insurance, kindly suggest a safe and smart way to invest this amount coz after 2-3 years I would require 30lacs+ as a down payment for buying a new property.
 Waiting for your kind reply.
 Thanks & regards,
Parijeet Chakranarayan
Ph: +91 9823119823
Email: parijeet@hotmail.com
Your sale of property is subject to income tax depending on how long you have held that property. If the property was held for less than 36 months it will taxed as short term capital gain and the difference between the cost and sale price shall be added to your regular income and will be taxed at  slab rates applicable on such aggregate income. However if you have sold the property after having held it for 36 months or more, then the gains made out of the sale of house are subject to Long Term Capital Gains @ 20%. However you are entitled to take the benfit of indexation on your cost of purchase.  However you can claim tax exemption if you invest the long term capital gains so computed for the purchase of a new house within 2years of sale or construct a house within 3years of sale of the house. Please note in case you intend to purchase/construct the house but are not able to invest the capital gains in any of the above modes you will have to deposit the amount you wish to invest in a capital gains account with a bank. If you do not wish to purchase/construct property then these gains can be invested in Capital Gains bonds of NHAI and REC for a period of 3years to get exemption. This investment however has to be made within a period of six months from the date of sale of house.
you need to have adequate life insurance if you have person any dependent on financially. You should buy a online term insurance equal to 10 times of your annual income i.e. Rs.30lakh. Since your investment time horizon is only three years The balance amount should be invested in a conservative debt plan with a equity component of not more than 15% commonly known as  MIP fund. Mutual Fund MIP Schemes: HDFC MIP Long Term Fund. The return of 100% in 3 years time is unrealistic and the risk you will need to take to achieve such returns will be quite high.
Recommended Online Term Plans:
Plan NameAgeTermSAPremium
AEGON Religare I-Term2832 years30 LakhsRs.3,775
Aviva I-Life 2832 years30 LakhsRs.4,093

Q 2) Rajesh
This is Rajesh from Noida. My investment details are as under:
S. No.Name of Policy/MFTermValue (Rs.)AnnuallySum Assured
1LIC-Jeevan AnandAnnual 




2ICICI Pru-Life Time Super-MaximiserMonthly (SIP)




3UTI Retirement Benefit PlanMonthly (SIP)



4IDBI Federal WealthsuranceAnnual 




5Sundaram Tax saver-Open Ended-DividendMonthly (SIP)



6HDFC Top 200One Time


7Reliance Diversified Power (G) - 
Growth Option
Monthly (SIP)



8Reliance Small Cap (G)-Growth OptionMonthly (SIP)



9IDFC Sterling Equity Fund - GrowthMonthly (SIP)



10Reliance Infrastructure Fund-Retail Growth PlanOne Time





I am planning to have a corpus of Rs. 1.5-2.0 Crores in the next 20 years. Pls go through the above details and suggest/advice if I need to switch/stop/start any investment to achieve my projected corpus.

Kindly revert through mail.


Rajesh Kumar

Ans.: You have taken both traditional and ULIP life insurance plans which have hidden charges which reduces your over all returns. It is not advisable to invest in insurance plans. You have to take term insurance equal to 10 times of your annual income to protect your family in case of unfortunate event.
You mutual fund portfolio is also quite skewed as you have invested primarily in sectoral funds and you should keep your insurance need and investment needs completely separate. Recommended MF schemes
Franklin India Bluechip Fund
UTI Opprtunity Fund
Birlasunlife Dividend Yeild Fund.

It is advisable to prepare financial plan from Certified Financial Planner which will give you correct road map to achieve your financial goals.
Q 3) aparajita Sharma

hi there
we want a family floater for our family of 4 members - my husband [35 years], me [34yrs], my daughter [5yrs] and my son [5 months].

we want medical  insurance of amount 3-4 lacs till 30 years. kindly let me know the assured amount and the premium with number of years that i have to pay for the same. also let me know about the benefits that i can have for every non-claimed year.

most importantly, i want to go for an insurance online, so that i can claim for it online whenever needed, especially in case of emergency or accident. 

so you can actually suggest me with other kinds of insurances to serve this purpose. just that i want the claim to happen in no time. is it possible..kindly suggest.

aparajita sarma
jeypore, Orissa
Answer:  You are advised to buy Apollo Munich Easy Health Individual Plan for your family. You should preferably buy an individual cover of Rs.3 lakhs each (instead of a family floater of Rs. 3 lakhs), which will cost you Rs.13,351. You should also buy a top-up plan (Recommended: Apollo Optima Plus) of Rs.5lakh with a deductible amount of Rs.3lakh, which will cost you Rs.3,636. Both this policy can be bought online. You get a no claim bonus of 10% every year, subject to 50% of base sum assured. The plans are life time renewable, with no co payment and no ceiling on room rent. Only thing you have to keep in mind is the cover will cease for the persons who becomes a non resident any time in future.


Q 4) Raj by email
Iam in Europe, 40 years old, Three kids with no Loans, no property.
My kids are, 10, 6, and 1 year respectively.
Can you please advice me if its right choice to save it in India or in EU.
Currently i will be able to save around 50 to 60 thousands in Euros.
Please advice.


Ans.: India is an excellent investment opportunity looking at economic growth compared to European countries. You are advised to invest in balanced funds of mutual fund if your time horizon in 5 years and more via monthly SIP. Recommended Funds: HDFC Prudence Fund and Reliance Regular Savings Fund – Balanced Plan.
Q 5) Yogesh Kumar
I am 58 and have 3-4 more years of career ahead.
My current SIP are:
Reliance Gold: Rs 20,000/-;
HDFC Top 200:Rs 5,000/-;
HDFC Equity:Rs 10,000/-;
HDFC Prudence: Rs 20,000/-;
HDFC MIP:Rs 30,000/-;Franklin Blue Chip Equity:Rs 15,000/-;
Seek your advice if any reallocation necessary.
Thanks again.
Yogesh Kumar

You have made an excellent choice of funds but as you are very near to your retirement age, you should reduce exposure to equity and gold. You need to rebalance your asset allocation.We advise you to switch systematically from all equity and gold funds in 12 instalments to conservative MIP funds of mutual fund. You are also advised to consult certified financial planning firm like us and prepare your retirement plan which will help you a lot. A lot also depend on what other assets you have to build your retirement corpus.

Q  6) Avi Mitra

I am 40 years old from Mumbai. I have attached the current & target Investments and would require your help in making the right decisions.
My Target:

Want to Retire at 60 yrs

Want to build a cash corpus of Rs. 6 crores when I am 60 yrs.

Require Rs. 30 Lakhs after 10 years for my Daughter’s Education

Require Rs. 30 Lakhs after 9 years for my Son’s Education

Require Rs. 50 Lakhs for my 2nd daughter’s education after 20 years

Require Rs. 1 crore for my 1st Daughter’s marriage after 20 years

Require Rs. 2 Crore for my 2nd daughter’s marriage after 30 years

I travel domestic &/or international and every year and I spend Rs. 3 Lakhs average for my vacation per year
Please treat this confidential and only requesting your recommendations/suggestions.
Thanks & Regards
Avi Mitra

Your requirements are too detailed for the column. It is advisable to consult professional like certified financial planner and make a financial plan for your family.


I am a software professional and need some help in financial planning.
My details are as follows:
Age 34 Years, Male
I have following 2 goals.
Goal#1 - Child Education
20 years
Amount Required 1 Cr
Goal#2 Retirement Planning
25 Years
Amount Required 4Cr
I can invest 30k per month. I want to have the following combition:
Mutual Fund 
Gold ETF
Please suggest me the % bifurcation and the funds I should opt.
I have around 5 lacs in savings account. Please suggest where should I invest.
Please suggest me the best "Critical Illness" and "Term Plan".
I have 10 lac personal term plan and 60 lac from my employer.  I have 2.5 lacs medical insurance from my employer, which I plan to bump upto 7 lacs in June2012.
Kindly suggest me the possible options.
Gaurav Agrawal

As far as asset allocation is concerned for goals stated by you it should be in the ratio of 90% equity and 10% gold/PPF. Your requirements are too detailed for the column. It is advisable to consult a certified financial planner for making a financial plan for your family.


Hi   Manisha !  First of all let me congratulate you and tell you that you are doing a great job hosting 'Money Matters for Women " and  "The Property Show" - I simply love them !  By the way , I am Neena ,a  47 year old female,  a doctor by profession and a resident of Dibrugarh,  in Assam. 
My  goal is to make about One Crore rupees in the next 10 to 12 years for Retirement purposes, but don't know how to go about it. I am reasonably well off  and I would like you to advise me as to how and where to invest . 
Thanks a lot . 
With warm regards ,

Neena  Borooah

Firstly remember 1 crore today will be worth Rs. 2.51 crores after 12 years assuming 8% inflation rate. If you want to build a corpus of Rs.2.51 crore after a period of 12years, you need to invest Rs.66,400 every month via SIP in equity and debt funds in the ration of 90:10. To build corpus of 1 crore in 12 years you need to invest Rs. 26,500 every month as stated above.  Recommended Equity Schemes: HDFC Top 200 Fund, Franklin India Blue Chip Fund. For debt you can go for PPF account if you already have at least a 3 years old PPF account.
7 years ago

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