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Let's Talk Money Team

Q 1) Shawn

Hi , 

I am 29yr NRI living in Europe, married, with 6m old child.

I've received 2Cr INR from my family. I've invested 80 lac in business in
Europe, partly in real estate, 20lac in metals. I would like leave up to 1Cr in
India, 50% for 3 yr plan, 50% for 15-20 yr. 

My risk taking capability is medium to high, as I have securities in SIPs,
gold&silver, one real estate in Europe (my apartment), one flat in India
(as investment).

How would you suggest to invest 1 Cr in India as per given time-frame..."

your advise would be appreciated.




Hello Shawn , this is a windfall situation
, my suggestion would be to divide the corpus in three parts , one part will
obviously be in equity oriented funds which will be an equal mix of pure equity
and balanced funds , second part will be in medium term debt funds and third
part will be again equally divided in short term funds & liquid funds ,
this third part will be a rebalancing portion , especially in cash , so if one
asset underperforms and ratio distorts simply re-balance , this way your risk
adjusted returns will be superior and more sustainable .


Girish R. Zalte.

i am working as a Talathi in Govt. Sector.

my annual income is 2.14 lacs n my age is 28

give me best suggestions for investing in which sector i will get  50

to 60 lacs at the time of my age going 58.

Girish , you are young with a bright career ahead , you should be looking at 60
lacs current value since when you are 58 years , 60 lacs then will not have
much value , so look from current value angle , second its not a sector but an
asset class which is important , so equity through mutual fund will be equity
as an asset class and mutual fund as an investment vehicle through which you
invest , keep things simple you will succeed far more in your accomplishment of

Q3) Dear,


I have been in a complete confusion regarding a

insurance policy Claim So, Please help me by giving your kindly

Suggestion from you.my Phone Number is 09967437012.

My Query or said confusion is as followed:I

have 2 LIC Policies of Jeevan Anand & Jeevan Saral which has Sum

Assurred of Rs 1,00,000 for Jeevan anand & Rs 2,50,000 for Jeevan

Saral.I made this 2 policies so that if unfortunately i lost my life

my family will get the the benefit of both policies like the sum of

both Insurance covers (3,50,000 Rs).

But I have been confused when my closed friend

told me that after my death my Family will get Only Jeevan Saral

Policies benefit which is Rs 2,50,000/- due to it's highest amount

among both the policies.

Accordingly to him if we have Number of

policies from Number of companies like LIC of india, ICICI, SBI, BAJAJ

& If we lost our life OUR FAMILY gets only the highest insurance cover

from the Policies which we made.he says IRDA can't give many insurance

covers to ONLY ONE LIFE.

So I have been in total confusion regarding

my policies & need your kindly advice & suggestion as soon as possibe

so that i can take a decision on surrender of policy.

Please Contact me on my Phone Number 09967437012

& advice on my Query & also send the suggestion on my mail id.

Thanking You


Hello Sukant , don’t get panicky , the
information provided to you is incorrect , your family will get the entire life
cover across all life policies , there is no IRDA rule like this , please ask
your friend to verify this information and get himself updated on the right
information and fundamentals . You have taken the right decision don’t worry at
all .



Q 4|) Amrita


I, Amrita Ghosh age 27years got married very recently 

I have decided to invest Rs 1lakh per year.therefore I am investing it in the
following ways-

1.Rs 12000p.a(in R.D at a nationalised bank)

2.Rs 12555p.a(in LIC Jeevan Tarang)

3.Rs 12000p.a(in R.D to pay next year's LIC premium)

4.Rs 2800p.a(in L.I.C Money back policy)

5.Rs 12000p.a(in Jewellery shop as monthly investment scheme)

6.Rs 10000p.a(in P.P.F)

7.Rs 12000p.a(in Demat A/c with the advice of my agent)

6.Rs 24000p.a(in L.I.C Jeevan Tarang in my husband's name)

As I want to accumulate a huge lump sum in long term,am I going in right way?

Kindly advice.



Unfortunately No Amrita , your
approach is to preserve your savings , not grow , when you say huge sum it
means huge in terms of purchasing value and not amount , say Rs 1 lac per annum
savings in Year 1950 was indeed a big amount , but now its not in Year 2012 ,
so if a person in 1950 says I want to save Rs 1 lac per year its not a big deal
, if we compare now and Year 1950 we are talking about yearly savings of Rs 66
lacs , hope now you understand the difference . You will need to re-work if you
really want to grow your savings , also remember to put a goal with present
value and never in future value it will like the example I have given

Q 5)
Aparajita Sharma

hi there

i want a medical insurance of for my family of 4 people - me [35 yrs],
my husband [36 years], my daughter [6years] and my son [1 yr]. kindly suggest
the best possible medical insurance along with the premiums to be paid for
number of years. also please mentions the advantages and limitations of the


aparajita sarma


Aparajita , don’t focus on premiums alone , you do mediclaim to be reimbursed
so check who has lower clauses of exclusion or limits to reimburse . You should
evaluate Bajaj Allianz Health Guard , Max Bupa , Apollo Munch and New India
Assurance . Don’t do anything blindly , read the fine print , and not only
premium . Lower premium does not guarantee a good product .


hi there

i have got a sbi ulip for 10 years and paid 50,000 pa for last 3 years.
i just want to know whether i should continue investing on the same or should
stop investing and withdraw the same after 5 years. please suggest.


aparajita sarma


Aparajita, why stop something you have started , in ULIP you pay a high entry
fee and enjoy low recurring charges generally so evaluate based on the cost and
performance , contact your agent and ask him to give you details on both which
you can note and evaluate each year .


dear sir

if i keep 10 lakhs on fixed deposit in any nationalised bank for 10

how much interest i will get yearly after deduction of tax





Jani , these are details available in the bank , each bank interest rate is
different so you should actually visit and procure these details , we will not
be in a position to provide you these details .

Q 7)

Hi Manisha,


I request you to help me with the following query:


I have worked in an IT services firm from 4th Jan 2006 to 2nd Feb 2012 (
6 years & 1 month of continuous service). I have resigned now and moved on
to another organization.


I want to withdraw the P.F. accumulated during the tenure of last 6+
Years from the P.F. Fund registered with the Government of Karnataka for part
prepayment of my outstanding home loan. The total PF amount would be around Rs
10 Lakhs.


Will this P.F. withdrawal be taxable ?





Hello Pinak , PF withdrawal is taxable if a person has worked in the
company for less than 5 years , you have completed this period , so no tax in
this case . You can use it the way you want no restrictions once you withdraw.



Q 8) Description: https://webmail.archana.ndtv.com/owa/14.1.355.2/themes/resources/clear1x1.gif Raghuvendra

Description: https://webmail.archana.ndtv.com/owa/14.1.355.2/themes/resources/clear1x1.gifDescription: https://webmail.archana.ndtv.com/owa/14.1.355.2/themes/resources/clear1x1.gif

Raghuvendra Kumar [kumar.raghuvendra@gmail.com]

Description: https://webmail.archana.ndtv.com/owa/14.1.355.2/themes/resources/clear1x1.gifDescription: https://webmail.archana.ndtv.com/owa/14.1.355.2/themes/resources/clear1x1.gifDescription: https://webmail.archana.ndtv.com/owa/14.1.355.2/themes/resources/clear1x1.gif

My Mandatory objective are:-


1.  Term insurance of Rs.1 crore  for my family -  
   Please suggest a good policy that is 100% reliable.

2.  At least Rs 60000-70000 per month pension after the age of 60.
-  Please suggest a good policy that is 100% reliable.


Investment & Insurance Details:-


1. ICICI Prudential Life Stage RP- unit linked insurance Plan


a. Date of commencement-17/9/2007

b. Term - 10 yrs.. i want increase it to 30 yrs ...Please Suggest

c. Sum assured - 120000

d. Accidnet & Disability Ben Rider - 120000


Premium-2000 per month


2.SBI Life Insurance -Unit Plus- || Regular Plan 0-Fixed Term


a. Date of commencement - 23/07/2007

b. Term - 10 yrs ..i want to increase it to 30 yrs ...Please suggest

c. Sum assured- 120000

d. Accidnet & Disability Ben Rider - Yes.


Premium-2000 per month


3.Shara Life Insurance

Product Code -MB20


a. Date of commencement - 10/08/2007

b. Policy Term - 20 yrs

c. Sum assured - 100000/-


Premium - Rs.8167 per annum.



4. LIC 


Six Policy with total premium of Rs. 34031 per annum. 


My monthly income is about Rs 90000. Please help me
to organize my investment portfolio.




Raghuvendra Kumar


Raghuvendra ,

Insurance : HDFC Life

: its not mandatory to look for a pension plan , in my view it adds limited
value , infact use mutual funds to build your portfolio , it ends up doing the
same thing without having investment with one entity especially for pension
which is a sensitive issue , more than that do your risk profile , know and be
aware of that , and then consult an advisor to seek professional help but
before that you should be aware yourself to know what you are being asked to

Q 9)

Hello Manisha,


Such a great program, i always wish why not ndtv can plan to shoot this
program from Bangalore. I have lot of questions which needed ndtv helps.


I leaned a lot from this program .  
Please share me your views for below
question , I am struggling to get the answer,


I am 37 and my wife is 32. I 
bought a Health Insurance for me and my wife
separately/individually in Nov2011.I declare all the pre-existing disease of my
wife, the insurance company has added overloading for my wife premium which I
accepted. Pls. note that I was
not having any pre-existing disease so I do not need to declare anything . Now
last month - Jan2012, I am detected with a problem of Thyroid.


My question is, while renewing the policy this year in Nov2012 -

Do I have to disclose this to my insurer
then ? If I do, can they (a) reject my application for renewal (b) charge me a
higher premium.

If I don’t disclose this information, can
they refuse to settle any claim I make subsequently?





Hello Rishi , pre-existing is at the time of your first
application and not renewal please remember that,you are in no way obliged to
share this information with your insurer , if that was the case there was no
need of an insurer his job is to accept risk which is known at the time of
first application and price it accordingly , hence in case of your wife it was
correct , but not in your case . So be rest assured , just go ahead and renew .
I would only suggest not to claim as it might arouse suspicion of material
non-disclosure which goes in favour of the insurer since its been just 5 months
, in fact some policies clearly exclude certain diseases for a specified period
so do check your policy document for this as sometimes we may just claim and
then realise that its excluded for 4 years for example, but then the company
creates a record so first verify yourself before approaching the company for
operating or treating thyroid .

Q 10) J singh


My profile: 38 yrs; family of 4, wife with 2 children (3.5 yrs son & 1.5
yrs daughter); CTC : 12.5L PA

Insurance cover : wife 2L (Jeevan Anand) ; self : 2L (Jeevan Nidhi) ; all the
investment in diversified MF (SIP route); own a flat

I will be immigrating to Australia by this year end and have the following

1. I am planning to take a term plan; what shall be the cover.

2. Shall I buy a health insurance also as I have company group health insurance
of 2L.

3. If I am immigrating (as an NRI) will the above 2 applicable in that country


J Singh

Mr Singh , 2 crore cover should be good enough as once you are an NRI most
companies don’t offer cover , and I presume income would increase in rupee
terms so 2 crore should be adequate with the current facts stated .

you should always own a health insurance , you may not be able to claim in
Australia agreed but when you come back for good you own a cover , you never
know what is the state of health so best to be pessimistic here .

Cover yes , but mediclaim No , which means if death happens out of India , life
cover cannot be rejected only because one is out of india . Mediclaim is anyway
not claimable outside India . 

7 years ago

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