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Q 1)



I have been watching your program for a while now and its good to have
such programs which creates awareness. In the recent episode there were
discussions/recommendations on health insurance policies. Recently while
renewing the policy for my father I had to scout around for differences between


Why can't you review one product per program and may be show key
differences between other programs. Max Bupa, Apollo Munich seems to be talked
much. But Bupa's premiums are always higher. What is the difference in service
offering which demands a premium on premium?





It will be difficult for us to cover various health
insurance products from various companies. Product pricing is purely a business
decision that only a company can justify. You can visit the websites like
www.policybazaar.com or www.apnainsurnace.com or  www.insurancepandit.com to do comparative
analysis and choose a product that suits you the best.


Q 2)


I am venkat having age of 31 years and my wife's age is 27 years and we have a
male kid of age 6 months. My fathers age is 55 years and Mothers is 47 years.

My monthly income is 60K per month.

I have got following assets: 

15 acres of Agricultural land.

Recently constructed home in a village where my parents live.

Recently invested 8 lacks on a plot in a District headquarters which I think
would appreciate in long run ( I am looking at it as long term investment).

Currently I can invest 15k per month for this year 2012.

I have a health insurance coverage for my family including my parent of 5 lacks
from my company and also got one LIC policy ( Jeevan Anand 25k per year since
last 5 years).

Please suggest me how do i build my portfolio and what should i target for my
retirement fund. And weather I need to take any health insurance of my own
which covers my family including parents.

Please let me know where do I need to invest.

Thanks in advance for the help.



Hi Venkat, I would suggest you engage a professional to
understand your retirement and insurance requirements. A certified financial
planner would do a comprehensive financial planning exercise for you and your
family, including all your insurance needs.

You may want to check out Apollo Munich Easy Health
Individual Standard policy for all family members (including parents). The
company may offer discount up to 10%. The premium should be approximately Rs. 17,500/=
with sum assured of 2 Lacs for each family member. The policy offers no
sub-limits (i.e. no co-payment and no ceiling on room rents) and is life-time
renewable. Also, Apollo Munich has maximum hospitals in their network across


Q 3)

Dear manisha 

your show is excellent in providing the guidance on personal finance and your
vivacious persona adds x factor to it. The sincerity just shows through.

The most important issue concerning us is the insurance. I am 34 years of age
and my wife is 31. We have a 2 years old kid and my father is 72years of age.

My wife has a corporate family floater insurance cover of 3 lakhs which
leaves my father out.

I want to buy health insurance cover for my family. How much cover should I
buy? Should I buy individual cover or a family cover? What are the pluses and
minuses of family floater compared to the individual plans. How much total cover
should I buy for my family? How much individual cover should I buy for my
father and which are the best plans?



Buying individual health covers for all family members is
always beneficial than buying a family floater. Besides the family floater
through your wife’s employer, you are advised to buy Apollo Munich Easy Health
Individual Standard Plan for your family. You should buy an individual cover of
Rs. 3 Lacs each. For detailed comparative analysis on benefits of individual
plans versus family floaters, visit the websites like
www.policybazaar.com or www.apnainsurance.com. Since your father
is 65+ it will be difficult to get a health insurance plan for him.
Nevertheless, you should speak to agents of Star Health Insurance and Max Bupa.
They might suggest you some options if your father has maintained a healthy
lifestyle all his life e.g. Star Health Senior Citizen Plan offers sum assured
up to 2 Lacs for senior citizens.

 Q 4)
sir.i am 31 years married ,1 year child. please suggest family floater
health policy. 

with regards kapil


I would suggest Apollo Munich Optima Restore Plan of 3 Lacs
family floater. The Plan offers good “Restore” and “Multiplier” Benefits. For
detailed product features, visit their website.


Q 5) Rajiv

Hi , 

i am rajiv aged 23 presently working in a psu.  i had a family of four -
my father aged 51 , mother aged  48 , and brother aged 21 .. We don't have
any health insurance policies. I hope you can suggest me the health insurance
options.  I really appreciate the way you're taking your show which is
very useful to people like me. 

-Regards ,

 rajiv ..

I would suggest Apollo Munich Easy Health Individual
Standard policy for all family members (including parents). The policy offers
no sub-limits (i.e. no co-payment and no ceiling on room rents) and is life-time
renewable. Also, Apollo Munich has maximum hospitals in their network across
India. The premium should be approximately Rs. 20,500/= with sum assured of 3
Lacs for each family member. Please note any premium paid by you for your
brother’s health insurance will not get any discount and section 80D


Q 6) Manogya Sharma


 Hi Madam,


I saw you today's show and it was great .I watched it first time and was
really impressed to see it...But I couldn't find number to call to
ask questions on show.


I have some specific questions ...


I bought a Apollo Munich Optima Restore policy for me and my mother
through Policy bazaar on January 1st week now I am on February second
week but I have still not received the policy .My mothers age is 49
so she was asked to get a pre-policy check up and report said her BMI(Body Mass
index) is high so we need to pay loading amount of something Rs 800....


I agree to pay after checking the report and standards for the same but
I have asked for medical report for my record but they are not providing the


I just want to know like a normal policy taken will my mother will be
covered against all diseases/treatments as saying BMI is high they can relate
it to any disease and this BMI would not be considered as pre disease(as BMI is
not exactly a disease)


I am applying for a policy for first time so little confused...


I dont want to make a fool of myself at time of claim as they can come
up with as your mother BMI (which they can easly relate to any disease) so we
wont give you this claim etc...


Awaiting your reply




Manogya Sharma


I hope you have received
the policy documents by now. Normally it takes 15 to 20 days after receiving
the cheque, for the company, to issue policy documents. If you still have not
then you must contact their customer service team.

You must know that the medical test centers are contractually bound to NOT
disclose test results to the applicant. However you can contact Apollo Munich
directly to send you the copies of medical test reports. They do honour such
requests. Also you do have an option to pay to the medical center and obtain
the copies of your test reports.

BMI (Body Mass Index) is an indicator that tells you whether you are
underweight or normal or over-weight or obese. Naturally, if you are not in
normal weight range, it may be taken as a sign of being unfit but it does
not deny you from health cover should any medical problem arise during the
policy term.

However you must read the policy document carefully. Normally insurance
companies do highlight what pre-existing diseases are NOT covered and what are
covered after the "waiting period" i.e. 3 years. Even if any of the
pre-existing diseases are not covered, you at least have the cover for any
unforeseen medical problems that may arise during the policy term.


Q 7) Bharath





Firstly i thanks Manisha Natarajan and team  for giving 
us such good program..


I am Bharath Kumar M from Bangalore,


I work for HP GBS, and i am 24 Year's old..


My question is, i have taken two policy of LIC (Jeevan Anand and Jeevan
Shre), for which I am paying a premium of 50K Per Annum, please confirm is that
the good step that i have taken both the policy, because few of my
friends suggesting to invest in Gold or Shares.


For Jeevan Anand I have completed 3 year premium, and Jeevan Shree 1
year premium.


I have also planned to take Mutual Funds, I need your assistance to the
same as to which Mutual Funds are good and in company I can invest.



Bharath M


You should not mix your investment requirements with
insurance requirements. The policies that you have taken serve your insurance
requirements. Investment planning needs to be attached to your financial goals.
I would suggest you figure out your financial goals and then create your
financial plan to help you achieve your goals through combinations of debt,
equity and gold schemes. Engaging a certified financial planner will make the
whole process easy and worth your time, money and energy.


Q 33) Dear Sir/Madam,


I just watched yr show on mediclaim (on sat at ~ 7 pm). Thank you for such
a good program!


My questions are as follows: 



(a)  We are a family of 3. Myself (49), wife (46) , son (19). Currently we
have a mediclaim policy of Rs.4 lac each from Oriental. My parents are 80 &
77. They dont have any cover.

       Is there any company that can give cover
to my parents at this stage?


(b)   Second question is , (in case of 3 of us) , Oriental will not
renew cover beyond the age of 60. What should I do at this stage to ensure
lifelong cover ? 


Kindly advise.


Many thanks!


-Pradip Karkhanis


You are advised to check
out plans offered by National Insurance, United India, and New India Assurance
for your parents. You can visit
www.insurancepandit.com for detailed comparative analysis.
For your family insurance (i.e. yourself, wife and son) buy a health plan from
Apollo Munich or Max Bupa. They offer life-long renewable plans.




Q 8) Amar


Dear sir,I am 62 years male born in October 1949. I have 5
lakh of mediclaim with New India Assurance CO. since last many years.After
watching your programme on TV I want to increase my insurance to maximum
possible limit. I am in sound good health. I went through lot of web site but
could not find right insurance company who can give me top up policy or
additional insurance policy. I would appreciate if you could guide me in my
case what best options I have and which Insurance company will be able to give
me additional policy.I have no financial constrain in paying extra premium.I
would like to know if at my age any critical illness policy are available.
Thanking You Amar Joshi

Since your age is above 60 years, you are advised to check
out Apollo Munich Optima Restore Plan. For a health cover of 15 Lacs, the
premium is approximately Rs. 42,500/=. Please note that the plan comes with
“restore” and “multiplier” benefit which means if you have a claim free year,
your cover goes up by 50% of the sum assured up to no more than 30 Lacs and if
you use up your 15 Lacs cover in any given year, the company will restore the
cover with that much amount the same year. The plan will provide a cover of 30
Lacs after 2 years if they are claim-free years. Also the plan is life-long


Q 9) Krishna.

Dear Manisha &

This is a question pertaining to Insurance

I am 29 years old and bought the following LIC policies 5 years ago. I pay

insurance premium of Rs 77000 p.a

1) Jeevan Saral - Rs 20,000 per annnum

2) Jeevan Anand - Rs 15,000 p.a.

3) New Jana Raksha Plan - Rs 21000 p.a

4) The Whole Life Policy - Limited Payment Rs 21000 p.a

I have got married last year and my wife and  I are looking to save money

for a property to buy either in UK or India.

I feel I am over invested in LIC and due to new financial goals and

circumstances would not be able to afford such a huge premium . Hence I am

planning to close some of these policies and re-direct my finances to SIPs

or mutual funds.


Here are some other details of my policy which will help you to assist

in my query regarding Insurance

I have attached below my policies, term and sum assured so that as to
give me a better advice.

Could advise me whether this is prudent to do so and if so which policies

do you recommend.



0044 7561567069


<<<<I can’t help on this one. Krishna should engage a
professional to analyse her policies and recommend whether to surrender or
retain them.














2. Which is better for tax saving, GPF, PPF or TRADITIONAL PLANS OF





Yes you can invest in PPF despite having subscription in
GPF. To get the best tax advantage through section 80C deductions, you should
do your financial analysis to have right term insurance & asset allocation
in debt schemes. For debt schemes you can have a combination of PPF & GPF
or only GPF. Remember PPF has a lock in of 15 years. And PPF Interest Rate is
8.8% w.e.f 1st April 2012 whereas GPF Interest Rate is 8.6%. These
interest rates are not fixed and may change every year based on Government


7 years ago

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