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Q 1) Amol Deshmukh.


My name
is Amol Deshmukh.

I am
trying to start up investment, but unable to take a step because it’s very
confusing me.

My age
is 24. I earn 30k a month. 15 days ago I decided to invest in sip 5000 a
month. For that I researched and got confused with midcap, largecap and all. Somebody
told me before starting up investing you should have life insurance, I tried
to grab hdfc for 4500 premium for 50lakh but there aviva came in as cheap


clear confusion I tried to seek help of Financial Advisor . Company name
myfinadvisor.com –but they are asking 5000 for so called complete financial
planning .


I did
some research , I seen some of your videos.


considering my above portfolios, please answer my below queries:

1.       Regarding
my confusion of what first of them life cover, health cover. What is real
significance of this sequence?

2.       What
sequence I should go for? Please clearly mention like amol do this this and
this .and I will follow you.

3.       Which
life insurance I should go for aviva is cheap but is it trustworthy? Please
clearly mention which company, what premium and cover?

4.       Should
I go financial advisor? Myfinadvisor.com ? can you suggest any of you know is

5.       The
thing I started with sip? How to deal with this huge pool of sip’s available
.literally looking at these many option I kinda crying saying “please leave
me alone”.


Mail is
kind of informal but your inputs will probably save a bee’s life in rain..


& Regards,


Amol Deshmukh


Dear Amol, Welcome to the world of personal finance! Money decisions
are never easy. You should be clear with how you would invest your money and
why. I am glad that you are unsure what to do but it is good because it is an
indication of your seriousness towards your money life. Here is what I would
suggest – 1) If you have dependents, you must go for a life insurance (term
plan) right away. About 50 Lacs cover taken from a reputed insurance company
like HDFC Life or ICICI Prudential. Also, since you are young the insurance
will come cheaper now than taking it later in life. A pure term insurance
plan would be a good decision. Buy it online (no advisor in between) to save
on premium costs. 2) Have a right medical insurance to take care of any
health contingency. Sum assured of 3 Lacs would be a good start if you do not
have any medical insurance from your employer. 3) Given your age and the fact
that you have recently started working, your emphasis should be on saving and
investing to smoothen your life later. Start two monthly SIPs in mutual
funds. Since this is the beginning of your equity investments, choose a
balanced fund and a large cap equity fund. I would recommend HDFC Prudence
(Growth) and ICICI Pru Focussed Bluechip Or Franklin India Bluechip (Growth
Option). An SIP of Rs. 2500/= each for next 36 months would be a good step
forward. If you still have any questions you can reach out to me directly at
www.wealthbeing.co.in. Wishing you a happy & successful financial life!


Q 2) niraj shukla

i am an
nri want to invest into debt instruments for a 10 -15 years horizon.


have equity alloction of 75 %.

nris are offered tax free fixed deposit interest rate upto 9.25%.

so what
debt investment is suitable for me? fixed deposit or long term debt mutual


niraj shukla




In this scenario, tax-free interest rate of 9.25% is too good to
resist. You should take it if debt is the asset class you are interested in
for now.



Q 3)


of all I want to congratulate you and your team for putting up this excellent
show in a very simple "financial language" for your viewers.


I am
Deepak Arora and my age is 37 years. Currently my investments are mainly in
PPF/ EPF, Infra Structure Bonds (Required for 80CCF), Birla Sunlife Policy (
premium24k/year),Few FDs ….


Questions for you are




I can
save around 30K per month and I would like you to design a portfolio for me ?


your program for past few weeks , I do understand that I should have mix of following
funds(Frankly speaking , I don’t have much knowledge about it)


Large Cap           

Flexi Funds

Value style fund

Mid Cap

Diversified Equity Funds

Multy Asset funds

Dynamic Asset class







1) Can
you clearly specify how should I distribute Rs30k across these funds with the
names of the fund across each category?

2) Once
I start investing in these funds when/how frequently should I revisit to
check if I need to change/add/delete any fund from my portfolio?

3) With
this investment of Rs30k/month , how much I will be able to get as a return
after 20 years? (avg 12%  returns?)



INSURANCE (This is in addition of above investment)


I would
like to have a term insurance of 1 crore for 25 years.


Q1. Is
a term of 25 years is fine, looking at my age ?

What factors should we consider while buying a Term insurance plan? [claim
ratio, no face to face interaction]

Q3. Which
term insurance should I buy?




for all your help.





Dear Deepak, it will be difficult for us to give you any
recommendation in this column unless your requirements are very specific. From
your question I could make out that you need a financial planning exercise
with a certified financial planner. It is very important that your financial
goals are laid out and your savings & investments personalised to help
you achieve those goals. Also, given your age and family dependents, a
planner will do a complete risk and insurance planning before recommending
any insurance products and investments. You can reach out to any of the NDTV
panelists or me directly at
www.wealthbeing.co.in. Wishing you a happy &
successful financial life!


Q 4) Sandeep

I watch your show quite often & found it quite informative. 

I would like to ask few questions about my financial planning

About Myself: I am a Non Resident Indian (Australian Citizen), age 32years.

I have invested in property in India & purchased a small land of 30Lakhs
sometime ago.

I was introduced to mutual funds investments about an year ago & since
then I am investing in five different funds about Rs. 2000 every month.

These Funds are:

DSPBR Top 100

HDFC Top 200

HDFC Equity

Birla SL Dividend Yield Plus

Franklin India Bluechip

Reliance Pharma

I have invested in Growth Option for all of these funds & all of these
funds under my parents name.

My question are:

1. Is the fund selection Ok or do I need to change anything & I  am
also looking to double the investment In the same funds if they are Ok to
carry on with?

    I am investing for long term investment at least
10-15years or may be more depending on the circumstances & What would you
suggest will it be better to 

    transfer this investment on to my name or keep investing under
parents name? If I transfer this investment under my name will this be 100%

2. I am also looking to invest in NRE fixed deposit (about 50 lakhs for
10years) as interest rates in NRE Term Deposit are quite high these days, is
this a good investment considering    rupee is depreciating so

 I am looking to invest this money with private Banks like ICICI/HDFC/Yes
Bank as they offering more interest rates then any other Govt undertaking
Bank, is it safe to proceed with these banks especially Yes Bank (I havent
heard much about this bank) as they offering higher interest rates then

Hope to hear something from you soon.





Dear Sandeep, your choice of funds is good except Reliance Pharma. I
would suggest stop your SIP in pharma sectoral fund and equally distribute
that amount to bump up your existing SIPs. Funds chosen by you have delivered
performance consistently. Continue to review their performance every 2 years
or 3 years if the markets have shown volatility due to global events. Since
the horizon is 10-15 years, it’s a good decision to invest in diversified
equity funds. It is also important that you attach the investments to your
financial goals. If there is a financial goal in your financial plan 10 years
down the line then you would require the accumulated corpus for that goal. If
the goal is to fulfil your requirements (as opposed to parents’) then you
should transfer your assets in your name right away and understand the tax
implications. If the goal is to help parents to fulfil their dream then
understand the tax implications of gifting the assets to parents. A financial
planner can do your in-depth tax planning. Coming to your second question, I
am not a big supporter of FDs especially if your horizon is 10 years and
corpus being 50 Lacs. You can alternatively choose diversified  equity funds, real estate or their combination
to invest a corpus of 50 Lacs. Choose an asset class that not only beats
inflation but also builds your wealth in the long term.







My name
is Raj and I am 26. I earn 62,000 per month and live in Bangalore and my
investments are


a) 2,500
PM RD in SBH for 5 years that will end in Sep-2013.

b) 2000
PM LIC for 25 years

20,000 P.A LIC for 30 years

50,000 FD for a year in HSBC


suggest me what more of investment should I do. I haven't taken any
loan till date  and will buying a house after a year or two.


Let me
know what kind of investments should I go for a term of 5-8 years. Also wants
to look something good for risk coverage.


I am
quite scared of mutual finds becuase of volataility and I don't have good
knowledge on stocks, I have inversted very still in stocks.


inputs will be higly appreciated.





Hi Raj, you must engage a certified financial planner to help you plan
your investments and attach them to your financial goals. Also he/she can
help you overcome your fear of equities. After having gathered all your
financial data, he/she can do your risk analysis and insurance planning.


Q 6) Jatin Patel

I have
been watching manisha since 30minutes to wealth. She has always been

Let's talk money has explained investments in a very simple way to make it
easy for all the investors.

I am writing today to get your suggestions on gold investment.

As per the trend I have observed the price of gold and silver has increased
very fast.

For example - the price of gold in 2007 was less than 1000 rs per gram which
increased to approximately 1400 rs in 2009, then to above 1600 rs in 2010 to
closer to 2000 rs in 2011 and in 2012 it is above 2600 rs per gram.

However, it is difficult to keep gold or silver physically due to reasons
like loss of value and safety issue or else storage/locker charges.

Hence my question is, is there a way to invest in gold or silver without
having physical possession and it's increase and decrease in price is
directly related to the cost of original gold and does not have any other
influences to its market price.


Dear Jatin, the answer is yes. If you do not want to buy physical
gold, you can take the paper gold route and then convert it into physical
E-gold offers the best option. The investor can convert his e-gold units into
bars or coins of 99.5% purity. The delivery needs to be in multiples of 8 g,
10 g, 100 g or 1 kg. However, this facility is available only in Mumbai,
Delhi and Ahmedabad, and delivery must be taken within 15 days of the
request. The entire process involves some costs-making and packaging charges,
delivery charges, VAT and other dues


Gold ETFs also offer the buyer an option to convert them into physical
metal, but this can be done only in multiples of 1 kg, though Motilal Oswal
AMC offers physical delivery of gold in multiples of 10 g. Here, too, there
is an additional delivery charge, which includes transportation, insurance,
storage, delivery, administration, signature verification, document
verification, etc. The facility is restricted to Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore
and Hyderabad as of now.

If you invest in gold futures, you can convert your position into physical
gold. Commodity exchanges offer several small-sized contracts, with the most
important among them being Gold Mini (100 g) and Gold Guinea (8 g). Here,
again, the buyer has to pay the making charges (Rs 200 per Gold Guinea) and
other statutory levies. Since these are national exchanges, you will be able
to take delivery of the physical gold in major cities, including Mumbai,
Ahmedabad, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata.



7 years ago

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