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Siddharth Vinayak Patankar

Ford recalls 20,752 units of EcoSport made between Jan 2013 and Sep 2014 over concerns of fuel / vapour line corrosion. SVP #CNB 5 years ago

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Rk Handa : 4 years ago
..but he has sacked a Minister of his own Cabinet and has said that he would not spare even his own son.
Vinodh Kumar : 5 years ago
Corruption is a global virus and if Arvind Kejriwal sarts to kill it then he will be the most blessed!
Saji Ap : 5 years ago
I love it
Abhi Shukla : 5 years ago
Arvind kejriwal who is fighting for everyone who want to see the corrupt system changed,who want the Del...more
Rajeev Kumar Gupta : 5 years ago
i want to buy a car with low maintenance cost, good driving and riding comfort, good city mileage, in th...more

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