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PM Modi as Class Monitor: Is that what's needed to run country efficiently? #Agenda 5 years ago

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Nallamasu surya kumar reddy : 3 years ago
its true
Ajay Ziz : 3 years ago
gud morning.........welcumm 2 jungull
Abdul Kalam : 3 years ago
Effectiveness what Modi deliver promise to Janta.
Subramani Iyer : 3 years ago
good in speaking and less in working, but not giving, respect to others.
Ajay Ziz : 3 years ago
tired of this city kandi life ... in interior mountains me and babe if any tabba onlychai maggi ommellet...more
_SEX_SLAVE_ : 3 years ago
if daku mangull singh handled humane rites in chambal chaos or order .savaal in jk
Ajay Ziz : 3 years ago
mi fight is for honor dignity financial past dated accruals since 2008 and hot wife blonde for revenge b...more
Ajay Ziz : 3 years ago
okay sc st of india they may be rich com sec but in darbaars r in minju value addition mere boots reserv...more
Ajay Ziz : 3 years ago
fsbiaaah alligaitaaraah as u ..teen patii black rocks so..play on u no stop and same i no stop.
Ajay Ziz : 3 years ago
magicbrick waali usnein seekha nahin sunn naa but was all years 7 days paased 70 ka intezaar 10 uski a b...more

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