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If there was ever a moment in cricket that stopped me from doing whatever I was doing it was this - Sachin Tendulkar's straight drive at any point during his 30,000 plus runs long career. Complicated? Not at all! Sachin made/makes it look so simple, yet so intimidating to perform yourself.

Then, later in his carrer he thought....why do I just duck away from a bouncer? I could just stick my bat out and walaaa! I have the so called upper cut or a shot that made/makes Brett Lee, Shoaib Akhtar and anyone who takes more than 30 steps in his run up look like a bowling machine to get the right elevation to hit a six.

And then he did better... Or worse! for the bowlers. Along came Shane Warne, Ashley Giles and Muralitharan with a deep square leg and a deep fine leg shouting WE ARE INVINCIBLE, WE ARE INVINCIBLE! You can't hit us if we bowl on the leg stump, the so called negative line when you've already notched up yet another hundred. The master then starts the teaching at the class. He points his bat at the bowler after the delivery, takes the willow down at impressive speed as if hitting his own pads, changes the angle of the downward swing just a bit at the last moment, and walaa! the ball hit the bat after it passed Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Deep fine leg and deep square leg are left wondering? was that a sweep? cause if it was? it should have been played towards us. But hell no! he just invented yet another shot.

A journalist sitting in the stands, messages his head office. I got a name for it! Call it the 'paddle sweep'. 10 years ago

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