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A manager of a mall, a hotel management student, a chartered accountant and a son of a well-known doctor who is a former student of JNU got together with a purpose.....don't mistake it for some entrepreneurial intent. the purpose was to prey upon a female student of JNU while Driving and drinking in the campus. Wow.....what great men....
the best part is that one od them is an ex student of JNU himself and one is a son of a of the most respected professions in the world. So what do these men so.....the go on to disrespect women because they think it is their God given right and because it makes them feel like a "Man".
I am writing about this because i went through a similar incident in Trade fair last week.....(well being a tru journalist that I am ;)) I made a story out of it for all to see. But what shocked me the most was the age of the boy who misbehaved with me. My guess is he was not more than 17. But does that excuse what he did? Should I have done more than just grabbing his collar and hollering at him? Frankly.....i really don't know. I let him go...didnt bother filing a report because I thought he was too young to get involved with the police. In fact at one point of time when he had just misbehaved with me....i hesitated for a second before I lunged at his collar. I was weighing his age and my anger.....but then it struck me.....if i let him go today....this boy will walk off with a belief that it is okay to misbehave with is okay to disrespect them....and they will always be silent sufferers. Maybe a public humiliation that I heaped on to him was not enough punishment....But then lets just ask one question first...who is responsible for such incidents....
The boy....or boys who grow up to be educated but perverted men like the ones who misbehaved in JNU, their parents who fail to instill the right moral values in their children, women who choose to suffer in silence by letting these jerks have their way or the society which doesn't think eve teasing is a crime....for is just boys going wayward and having a bit of harmless fun.....well it is for you guys to decide. 10 years ago

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