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I must tell you guys that I myself belong to a state that was formed after a long agitation ...although a non violent one. I am from Uttarakhand. Though I have never stayed there but I have seen the development the state witnessed after fromation.
Similarly I have travelled extensively through Chattisgarh and a little in Jharkhand. With the exception of Jharkhand,...which failed miserably....the two other states are very progressive. I was particularly impressed with Chattisgarh...smooth roads....decently clean cities....and government proactiveness...In case this is the result of formation of new states then it is fine by me, but Andrapradesh is not to be compared with UP and Bihar. While these states let the areas of Uttarakhand and Jharkhand...rot away in neglect...AP has developed Hyderabad as one of the leading Infotech cities.
Maybe the demand can be justified or not justified....but each to his own...we cannot club all the states and demands of seperate states in one basket.
I have travelled a lot in areas under Gorkhaland fact My father was posted there when the whole movement began. As a child all i saw was an ugly violent side. Our beloved picnic spots were destroyed, it became unsafe to travel to places for weekends.
So i guess it might not be a good idea to weigh each call for a seperate state in one scale.... 10 years ago

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