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I left the nest after 12th to pursue higher studies in Delhi Univ. Since Hindu college does not have a hostel for women i stayed in a hostel run by the Army Wives Welfare Association. Frankly speaking those were some of the best days of my life.......and the harmless fun we had while getting ragged as freshers and ragging as seniors was part of it. Please dont get me wrong....i have heard my share of horror stories abt ragging in medical colleges and engineering colleges....and i agree they really needed to take it easy. But can u blame a movie like 3 idiots for the KEM medical college ragging and call for a review of the script. If that was the case there should be fresh rape cases registered everytime a movie with a rape scene came out. But then maybe i am underestimating the capacity of some ppl to be what does this contry require....stricter laws against ragging...oh wait we already have them. And we did see an example of Mumbai police activism when the arrested 18 KEM student. That is besides the point that mumbai police tends to show all its expertise in such cases only which are so imp to national bars, Rave parties and college students involved in ragging. Ah yes!!! in fact when there is a huge plot being hatched to attack the heart of the city...they are busy hunting down hindu extremists who were not even capable enough to plant effective bombs. But who is more imp to save the moral fabric of the society thus the focus on dance bar and rave parties. I think i am straying....but what to do...the inefficiency of mumbai police really bugs me.
Anyways...back to ragging....comeon ppl...please loosen up...we all have done enuf atthani chawannis in our life to know they are harmless icebreakers....but be careful of the cruel ragging...and spare 3 IDIOTS please!!!!! 10 years ago

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