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"Ever worse GOVERNMENT of our time!!!!!!!!!
you take 2000/- note and go to shop, every where will say no change and ask us to buy more then our required!!
If this government rule for some more year, then no longer we have to wait to see our Country to be like ISIS hit Iraq and SYRIA. This Government is totally liar!! they conspired and replaced the RBI Governor, they instigated to Subramanian Swamy as a reasion behind the removing Raghuram Rajan, and installed Urjit Patel As a new RBI Governor by..."
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"Humans are extremely more precious then cow, becouse humans are created in God's image, and God dweled in every human heart but not in cows or animal heart, therefore human value is more then anything in this world, we are all belongs to God, and judgement right is in his hand only. And cow is created for human, not the human for cow, then why in the name of religion and punishment, these Hindu orgenisation are killing people (Gods image human)?! And why BJP, prime minister Mr. Modi and our cou..."
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"Who is anty national? Anty national are those after hearing and seeing they keep silent, in the name of God and religion they are encouraging to murderour to murder of innocent people in a day light in presence of law and ruler of the nation, they act like a handicapped as if they are compelled to be deef and blind. In the name of cast and Creed they create division and hatred amongst the citizen, for them cow is more precious then human life.

Persons like Kanhaiya Kumar and kejriwal are strug..."
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"AADHAAR is every Indian's right, but some parts in North East it doesn't allowed other than local, and their fear is, so that other than local should not get the benifit of Government scheme. Also in some part of Meghalaya issued with payment of 300/- - 500/- Rupees. Also Actual document required For applying AADHAAR CARD is even PAN CARD, DRIVING LICENCE is sufficient as proof of IDentity, but here they are asking to produce VOTER ID and BiRth certificate which many people don't have still, ple..."
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