Rajen Rai

Commented 3 years ago
"Who is anty national? Anty national are those after hearing and seeing they keep silent, in the name of God and religion they are encouraging to murderour to murder of innocent people in a day light in presence of law and ruler of the nation, they act like a handicapped as if they are compelled to be deef and blind. In the name of cast and Creed they create division and hatred amongst the citizen, for them cow is more precious then human life.

Persons like Kanhaiya Kumar and kejriwal are struggled to speak the truth they just putting their small effort to come forward with brave heart for the sake of our Nation's, against the corruption and dictatorship. To days is the age of young leaders and young politician because of the educations and knowledge has open our mind of wisdoms, therefore we should not rejects and against them, we should pray to God to come out more leader like Kanhaiya Kumar and kejriwal, and we should come forward to help and support them, jai hind"

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