Rajen Rai

Commented 3 years ago
"Ever worse GOVERNMENT of our time!!!!!!!!!

you take 2000/- note and go to shop, every where will say no change and ask us to buy more then our required!!

If this government rule for some more year, then no longer we have to wait to see our Country to be like ISIS hit Iraq and SYRIA. This Government is totally liar!! they conspired and replaced the RBI Governor, they instigated to Subramanian Swamy as a reasion behind the removing Raghuram Rajan, and installed Urjit Patel As a new RBI Governor by the grace of Prime Minister Narendra modi and finance minster Arun Jaitly just to ban high denomination note. And all this process is they have done, to make powerless to opposition party in the forthcoming elections. They call it surgical strikes on fake notes, black money and terrorist, but actual meaning is surgical strikes on opposition party to make them powerless, it is surgical strikes on every citizens who expected 1500,000/- Lakh Rupees. Pm Modi sensed if Raghuram Rajan remain as a RBI Governor furthermore they wouldn't be success to ban the highest note of 500/- and 1000/-, and will be unable to defeat to opposition party in forthcoming election because they have realized, the Nation is regretted and fed up with this government. And also by making 2000 Rupees note it proves that this Government will be more corrupted then the previous Government, because by making 2000 rupees note it will ease them more to corrupt.

Even after suggestion of swamy Ramdev to dissolve the highest denomination note if to make our COUNTRY corruption free, and this Government did the opposite work by making more bigger denomination note, they lured the citizen by making false promises to bring back black money and deposit the 15 Lakh rupees in every citizens bank account and they'd said ACHCHE DIN anewala he. Friends not achche din but more worse day (kharab din ane wal he) are coming, prepare for it.









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