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"The common men of India knows better than criticizing legislators, Judiciary and Executive and also the medical Doctors and hospitals for fear of back lashing but the political parties have and enjoy exercising their rights in criticizing anything and everyone including God (especially by DMK). All are equal but only in statutes."
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"After some time DMK may or may not be there; MK may or may not be there but Vinayaka Chaturthi will continue to be celebrated by Hindus i.,e Sanatana Dharma followers. Giving too much of importance to MK for his tirades against Hindus is a total waste of time and energy. The democracy in India survives because of majority of people so politicians have to woo the minorities for survival."
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"All these things are meaningful only when we know for certain as to when we are destined to die!"
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"Yes, it is a very good move to introduce prohibition. Let us now start sale of cigarettes, bidis, cigars etc. only in five star hotels. While the government is spending crores of rupees on educating people about the harmful effects of smoking and consumption of tobacco in any form it can close cigarette manufacturing and save people. This will also shut the mouths of non-smokers who enjoy the benefits dished out by government from the tax accrued through smokers and tobacco users."
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"I read somewhere that Napoleon Bonaparte remembered a person who helped him during his humble days. I think great people possess great qualities. Mr. Modi is a great leader in the making and will be manifested fully only after a few years."
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