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"Our country has traditional values;people are God fearing and generally conduct their lives guided by values. But since 1947 the irreligious governments have eroded values.Job security in government departments is the main cause for all the maladies."
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"The rules and regulations framed by any government department doesn't allow any citizen (i mean commoners)to expect anything outside the scope of the rules. Why political parties should enjoy a special status, that too, why Congress? In India is there any situation which indicates that without Congress Party India would collapse and all Indians would perish? If that is the situation then allow them to have leader of opposition status otherwise say a big NO!"
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"In politics there are no permanent friends; no permanent enemies; no permanent principles; no permanent values. There is only one goal: Capture power. Only weak people talk about values, principles etc. The strong one are playing the game of life on their own laws and terms."
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"Women & Child Welfare authorities and human rights activists - will you step in now?"
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"The onus of upholding fundamental rights of people and ensuring on its own volition that no violation of the same is committed by anyone lies with the Executive. We can approach courts only when there is a dispute. The Ministers of government take oath that they would uphold the constitution. Then why there should be a protest by huge gathering of people? Are we not expecting the individual family and that too individual members to exercise their vote to keep the democracy alive? Then in the cas..."
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