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"Where is the need to mention the man's occupational status? Punishment to someone's callousness, lethargy,indifferent which had caused a death should never be affordable to the offender. Judiciary has been invested with authority to punish the guilty with such punishment to act as deterrent to others. Compromise can be done by any respected society member

I wish the court awards 2 crores compensation."
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"What if the elephant was required by an Elected King of Republic? No one can give a definite answer to this (provided they are honest)."
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"Both MMS and Modi had proved their mettle in public service though MMS was appointed as King whereas Modi had led army,fought the battle and conquered to become a King. Let someone who possess their kind of achievements comment."
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"The courts try a case on the basis of solid evidence produced or the lack of it before passing its judgement. The key is availability of evidence. Most of the times ordinary fish gets caught and whales escape. In politics it is impossible to be honest even by honest persons if they want to stay in politics."
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"The simple explanation is we were ruled by British for a very long time and even though we got our freedom our "democracy Aristocrats" had absorbed the "traits of erstwhile masters" into their system. If we had been ruled by USA it would have been different."
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