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"@Antony: These type of children are handled by special educators and not by regular teachers."
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"Most of the schools for visually challenged, speech and hearing impaired and intellectually challenged are run by NGOs,though by trained teachers. But someone, not necessarily the government agency, preferably a watchdog organization consisting of eminent people, should monitor the handling of the students by the teachers and support staff. If you give free-hand to anyone, however good he/she might be, if there is no-check there is no-balance."
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"If a common man has come to know about a committed crime or some facts about it and keeps quiet he could be booked as an accessory after the fact, when the crime is found out by the authorities. Why this is not applicable to the high and mighty of this country?"
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"The TV Channels should have interview chairs with remote controlled seat belt system to prevent interviewee from effecting a walk-out without answering relevant question. The relevancy of the question will be decided by the interviewer."
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"Politicians should be blamed if India disintegrates into several small countries and becomes "United Countries of India". The Executive should believe that the various functions of a machinery should be done automatically once the job programme is activated. It is not possible for a Minister or Secretary of the Ministry to involve and supervise personally in any automated function. Protection of citizen and his fundamental rights as per Constitution should be ensured by the Ex..."
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