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"Average Indian is not immature enough to expect anything within 100 days. Perhaps cricket crazy persons might have set this time-frame."
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"Now Congress can put their worries in the dustbin. In the next state election Congress will capture 235 seats out of 234 and form the government in TN which was lost in 1967 election inspite of great Kamaraj's wonderful administration and could not capture the power inspite of Kingmaker G.K.Vasan's efforts. It is a wrong notion rest of India has about Tamil people that they are swayed by Film actors. So far whoever had been voted into power amongst film personalities, have proved to be as good, ..."
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"Imagine a neighbourhood household family has plenty of members. The persons mostly you see are well dressed, prosperous, commutes to work in their own cars, living a comfortable and cheerful life. You just happen to get inside the house oneday and was shocked to see some famished skeleton-like people of all ages with ragged clothes who had not at all stepped out of the house. If you experience the eruption of same kind of emotions in you while looking at the society outside your own area you ha..."
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"Political parties are just like Corporate sector. We can always witness high performers leaving one corporate to join another for mutual benefits. If only people take political parties and politicians in the right perspective the politicians will not be forced to justify their switch with routine acceptable-on-paper reasons. Moreover Congress and DMK are allies."
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"In India if anything is illegal, certain section of population indulges in that to make money while the legitimate agency whose job is to prevent the illegal action in fact encourages it to flourish in order to (s)exploit"
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