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"I really do not know how to react to this! One thing is clear, maturity and wisdom comes only out of churning out our experiences in life and certainly not comes out of text book knowledge and advancement of age."
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"Obviously the advisers are at fault. If i say that because "voters had not elected your candidates" this would not appear to be silly than the ones given by them before elections. Congress failed to read the writing on the wall and there were not advisers to present the reality to the King. "Idippaarai ila vemara mannan keduppaarilaanum kedum" - Thirukkural. In the absence of genuine and fearless critics a King will go astray and fall down even without the ind..."
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"Why BJP has to go for elections? Because it is a single largest party but do not have majority? In that case AAP should not have formed government with the help of Congress. If it was a legitimate action (though hoodwinking the voters) then BJP is well within its rights to form government due to some legitimate initiatives. Let us read again and again "Kurushektra" war to clear the cobwebs in our mind due to superficial knowledge acquired all these years about values and morals..."
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"It is quite obvious that the so called Educational institutions do not impart education but only imparts literacy and book knowledge. Even today if people are behaving properly it is only due to their own urge and initiative and family grooming."
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"WELCOME to India, Mr. Dan Brown!"
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