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"I salute Sushma ji, who had made Indians to rely on MEA in the hour of need.But what can be handled by an officer should not be escalated to her.She is meant to formulate and implement policies."
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"Me.Modi is a missionary and a performer. People who keep their eyes open only can see the changes taking place. Amit Shah is providing the necessary political support needed to implement the policies. Good team work. Of course Mr.Mani has to be loyal to his party and ridicule Mr.Modi in evey way."
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"CHO had an unique way and had an enormous following with his unbiased opinions. He had captivated huge audience through his dramas long before his Tuglak did."
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"At this kind of enterprise(?) What knee jerking action of honest government is not justified?"
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"A Prime Minister's job is difficult;an honest PM's job is most difficult and tough. But ultimately honesty wins."
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