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"India is a true democracy. It allows politicians of a political party to question and daunt the person who sincerely and honestly working towards the welfare of the society and nation's development! What they could not achieve in several decades, they expect a 6-month old government to do it overnight! After night before day breaks there is a period called dawn. India is now in this period along with Devlok where also this month is dawn."
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"We are supporting politicians through our votes! In what way we can lend our support to these kind of upright officers?"
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"The father had worked very hard in politics to earn name and fame. Why not the daughter make use of the platform created? Absolutely nothing wrong. But in India politics should not be the whole-time/lifelong career but people from any occupation can enter politics,contribute their mite to society and leave politics to resume their earlier occupation or a new one."
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"How India is going to respond? Is it worth to live with constant fear of attack by terrorists?"
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"Will someone give definition of "educated"? Does it mean only academic achievers? Even today only good families raise and groom their based on values and morals irrespective of their economic status."
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