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"Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Yangon Myanmar are nearest foreign countries to Delhi than some of the southern states of India. The Central government should be at the center of India. I have to get along well with my occasionally devilish neighbour than with an alien angel of far-off distance."
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"Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi are fulcrum points, axis, hub of Congress party. They have strong hold on their MPs and MLAs. During Nehru period State CMs were Kings of their own strength and accepted Nehru as Emperor. After that state CMs were appointed by Head Office in Delhi. So naturally they would take the blame for defeat and shower all credit to SG and RG. Why so much fuss over this trivial and obvious internal matter of a party. People had elected their PRs and surely are not concerned as..."
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"In almost all walks of life successful parents who had built a kingdom, fiefdom or chiefdom through hardwork and struggle induct their children to set them up in their career. They want their children to climb up further on the lift they had provided. I do not find anything wrong in this.( I was out and out in private service and hence have very less knowledge about government jobs). Academicians, Lawyers, Engineers, Doctors, Scientists, Government servants,Actors and other film functionaries, i..."
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"Why this bias against regional parties? If only national parties are supposed to govern all the states as well as center then why should we allow regional parties to emerge or why do we need state assembly? In India we allow certain things legally but do not like its existence in practice. Again the same question! Why this bias against regional parties?"
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"Finding everything wrong with the person we do not like and finding everything right with the person we like are due to faulty thinking process. Politics is a power-game and there is always a stiff competition to usurp power. In higher levels of industrial power, political power and business power, wrongs committed by some strong competitor is grabbed by other competitors as opportunity to bring down their strength and absolutely not with the aim of punishing the wrong doing. All over the world ..."
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