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"India should legalize all kinds of betting so that punters can make a living by betting on political events which happens on 24x7x365 basis."
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"I had supported Anna movement both at Jantar Mantar and at Ramlila grounds by participating in all the days but totally disillusioned now. Hence, Shri Anna, include me out this and hereafter."
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"Rape of a woman itself is very sad news. But what follows after that in every case after case is the gathering of angry people to protest and force the authorities to do their work ("Duty" is a very refined and most subtler term that 99% of our authorities find it beyond their comprehension). What individual fundamental right that our Constitution guarantees and which law enforcing agency's job to implement it? Yes, America and India are two large democracies in the world. But ..."
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"If this is the standard of highly learnt man, Mr. Tharoor, i no more admire your education or earlier position in UN."
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"The winner's virtues, his intelligence, his leadership and all such good things glitter after the win and the loser's wrongdoings, useless strategy, his association with carefree people, leadership etc. come into fore after his loss. We are all human beings and are subjected to human vagaries no matter to which strata we belong to."
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