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"Mr.Mani Ayyar! India has been around and kicking alive for a very long time without any Gandhis. People are doing a favour to democracy and its requirement of politicians by participating in the elections whether they had six meals a day or one meal in every six day depending upon their economic situation. The politicians are not doing a favour to people. In fact only persons who earn their money from a regular job, business,self employment should be elected as MLA/MP that too for only one term ..."
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"Where is the problem for Airlines of India to keep the fare steady for a period of atleast one year, like Railways, if they want travel by plane should become as regular and common as Railways and road transport. After all it is a mode of transport and people would not mind paying a little more than Railways' highest fare in order to reduce travel time. When Airtel and others were having tight control over mobile phone service with exorbitant prices Reliance jumped into the field and made mobile..."
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"The BCCI and state Cricket Associations, the promoters and the people who hype the cricket has to be blamed. I do not know with which ball they were playing but if they are not properly coached, if people are playing games just for fun and the children who are not being given training properly SHOULD NOT play with regular cricket ball but only with light tennis ball. The manufacturers of various cricket equipment, the cricket board, the media and majority of Indians promote and induce even the t..."
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"Long back, Lord Swaraj Paul responded to a question saying the difference between Indian banks and British banks was that" while Indian banks wanted to satisfy themselves that you are honest before lending money to projects, British banks takes you at face value about your honesty until you prove otherwise." What is the attitude of Indian banks now?"
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"The Legislature, Executive and Judiciary should face in the same direction whenever any major reform is needed for the welfare of society. But in practice it seems they all look in different directions and totally independent. India is not a 200 year old democracy but has to evolve step by step and then once the society is well evolved, politicians are evolved, these 3 estates can function independently."
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