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"How thy have fallen from great heights, oh! Indian National Congress! Immediately after independence Nehru was gigantic figure and the state CMs, wherever Congress governed, were not lesser in stature. But after sometime powerful state CMs were replaced with persons who waited and carried out instructions from Delhi H.Q. Today's position is without Gandhi family NONE of the so called stalwarts of Congress is capable of reviving the party on national level."
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"People of India are not interested in learning the names but in bringing back the money to India. This issue is not to be used in the duet between Congress and BJP. Who will be embarrassed is totally irrelevant. Let us discard rituals and get the money back to India."
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"I had the opportunity to associate (not as a member) with Rotary Club of Delhi Southend and what impressed me at that time was the most sincere, dedicated efforts of all Rotarians through monetary contribution and physical service to eradicate Polio from the face of earth by the year 2000. This mammoth task was completed by the relentless efforts of all agencies and philanthropists from all over the world."
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"For a juvenile it is maximum 3 years in a reformatory even though he might have committed a heinous crime. So what is the use of stating his age? The public of India are totally powerless to change anything except governments? During election the people are masters; once mandated the ruling party are masters."
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"It is confirmed now that elections are like cricket tournaments with political parties competing each other to capture power. As usual the voters and public are mere spectators watching the proceedings of games without getting directly involved in any part of it. So black money issue was just an "asthra" to beat Congress. Long live Indian Democracy!"
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