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"Indian journalists commit a grave fundamental mistake repeatedly while debating(in fact cross examining)the person believed to have created a controversy. They should,like Sherlock Homes, should gather all facts and evidences properly and then make a theory. But they first make a theory and then try to fit the facts into them ignoring other's point of view. Wrong seeding had been done in the society by self serving politicians from more than 6 decades ago and today what we reap is the result of ..."
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"First educate the people about proper traffic behaviour, the importance of road signs and obeying them before fining them. We do not need licence to drive a vehicle within our own premises but need one to drive through public roads. Hence licence should not be given on the basis of driving skill alone and the emphasis should be on public behaviour and adhering to traffic laws and rules. The first lesson should be that pedestrian has the right to cross the road at zebra crossings and vehicles sho..."
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"In Madarasi houses it was not only filter coffee in the morning but The Hindu also was mandatory along with it."
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"There should be a system of deputing the MPs of one political party to another political party to muster the required number of MPs for any specific purpose."
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"From what i have read and heard from books and people, i think, this is where America is way ahead of India in treating human rights. Protection to people and the freedom to move around freely in India are fundamental rights apart from other rights guaranteed in the Constitution. A democratically elected government in a Republic is not a separate entity from that of the people, especially an individual, to treat the matter as big for family and small for the government. It is one dead lizard or..."
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