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"Can anyone define what is secularism? In India the words "educated" and "secularism" do not convey proper meaning."
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"All political parties are in the same business that of securing peoples' mandate and acquire power for governance. Out of these 2 parties are national leaders who also get the support of smaller or regional parties. The main difference is that Congress is a proprietary concern whereas BJP is a public limited company whose capital is raised from public and promoters unlike PSUs who get their capital from tax-payers' money."
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"I think "Modi not becoming PM" is fantasy."
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"Today's youngsters are globe trotting and are fully aware of the world. They are the ones who are going to take India to prosperity because prosperity to India is their challenge and they want to achieve it without any personal gain for them. Those who are young in mind only can understand them. Priyanka and Rahul are physically young but mentally belong to the old feudal system. What their Great-Grandfather or Grandmother could not achieve for poor cannot be achieved by these two. We are fed up..."
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"People on the top while having to take a risk on appointing someone for a powerful post always do threadbare analysis as to what are his strengths and weaknesses and give more importance to the fact as to what kind of damage that person could cause in the face of adversity. MMS has fulfilled the requirements because he is not a political fighter."
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