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"It is the fault of the fans who are eager to read, watch etc. anything about the celebrities either in cricket, film or in any field. Admire them, applaud them while they are in action in their chosen field. Apart from that, giving undue importance to them while they are in public places shows that the fans consider inferior to them. If we want we can become highly sophisticated and treat them as normal outside their playing arena. Consider the fans who throng to listen to classical music in a c..."
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"Indian VIPs and VVIPs should take note of this. Times are changing. The technical snag excuse has been in vogue for several decades in almost all kind of services in India. Well Pakistan had set a trend which will be followed in neighbouring countries."
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"Only people whose mother tongue is Hindi, politicians and central government employees would watch if the same is telecast live. Hindi is not national language and any attempt to do so would do enormous harm to integrated India."
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"Society encourages so many activities because people are talented in various areas. If all the people dress similarly in one type of clothing; if they eat only one type of food; if they all acquire only one type of skill to do only one type of work how the world will survive? We must encourage all morally and legally correct activities so that everyone will have opportunity to live their life by doing a particular activity suitable to them. Hence it is the duty of society to develop and encourag..."
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"It seems another prediction of Nostradamus is likely to come true - About destruction. Ruthlessness will be countered by determination to survive and survival is the primary and ultimate motive of any living thing."
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