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"A visible and known devil is better than an invisible and unknown (supposed to be) angel."
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"The spirit of law is extremely important than the letter. There should be reforms in our system of governance. Like MLAs and MPs the CM and PM are also should be elected directly by the voters. This will give more executive powers to the CM and PM. Everything cannot be covered by the law so traditions and values are also should be adhered to. One should be bold enough to be innovative."
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"They have already banned cigarette and beedi manufacturing and selling; they have already banned liquor manufacturing and consumption;they have ridiculed and made people to feel guilty for having more than one child and now wants to ban multi-cars in a family. Then what about car industry? They will reduce manufacturing and implement lay-off. What about the worker and his family? Any alternative has been suggested? Solution should have been arrived after seeing things from 360 degree angles."
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"Yes, these corporate czars stand in the queue in order to provide employment and hope to the younger generations. I always have respect for these people since government cannot provide employment to all the citizens of India."
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"People have lots of expectations from BJP. It was alright for BJP to ride in a chariot drawn by several horses in the front before coming to power but now it should ride in a train drawn by one single powerful engine."
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