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"@Anonymous: @MS: in terms of terror outfits...they are not kids who plans their strategy based on news coverage. News magazines get news once they finished their job. Even they have all the details of fresh recruits to all secret service, RAW & intelligence before the govt finally appoint them. got it bro. even France cudnt aware of their metropolitan-maoist attack. I can do something for India govt on tracing them and finish off. We gonna start a Social site which will b like Anti-Terro..."
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"its Good for his son and him not for India. I am a BJP supporter but not a slave of religion"
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"See everyone ..I am not exaggerating but would like point out that what I started 3 days ago that myself started searching satellite map images to trace the flight using coordinates etc. and I commented yday with few leads under another article. I am so proud that our observation is not that bad and international agencies do the same."
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"@jk22: the approvals rcvd from AAP supporters what about rest of the populations who voted for BJP"
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