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"Modiji do not stop. Demonitization is really helping poor. I personally helped 10people of auto wala and taxiwala to download and use e wallet. All said this is better. Easy as there is no headache of change.

Please go ahead with other measures. Do not lisen to Delhi club wise people. They are all having vested interest un keeping poor as poor"
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"Pm Modi as big boss and Nandan nilekani as tech boss things will happen within months. We are in safe hands"
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"Rahul sir. You are allowed to speak anything. Nobody will take serioualy"
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"Demonetization will not fail.. People are solidly behind it... there is no looking back-- This is good for India and we should make it happen without unnecessary discussion on merits and demerits of it"
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"Respected Sir ,

With due respect , I can say that your theory will work with some what good people. Can any economist think that 1 class AC tickets for 6 people booked only with the intension of cancellation and they by making black to white ?. Can any economic stewards of the world think - poor man's account can be RENTED to rich to round trip their money.

PM Modi with only one intension of making India great again did this. He had no intensions of getting Nobel price in Economics. ..."
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