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"Good step. But should have been taken long before."
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"I was having a wrong opinion about NDTV but now i feel NDTV is neutral and not doing minority apeasement. NDTV was and will be my favorite news channel."
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"Those who talk more about this are true communal and people are well aware of that. Time will tell who wins in Karnataka."
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"Something needs to be done urgently to put a full stop to so many killings. Killing of Armymen, Police and Civilians. Talk to the terrorists and bribe them. those who surrender give them 5 lakhs each so that you come to know who they are and who recruited them. Use them to target the recruiters. Catch the mind and not the one who carries that act. If terrorists can brainwash them to kill innocents so why not you do the same. Also you remember you are doing for the good."
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"@Mainazadhoon: First you tell me what the enemy will understabd from this video. What secrets were revealed in this video."
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