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"First of all congratulation to team Truth Vs Hype,

I wanted to raise some points here,

what is Salafism/wahabism?

who is founder ?

when it came into existence ?

Who is funding this radicalisation ?

who is supporting this new way of Islam ?

I think team Truth vs Hype just did an amazing job, they went to Nepal to Uttar Pradesh them Shimoga to Karnataka..

We found founder is Ibn-taymiya (22 January 1263 – 26 September 1328) and his follower IBn-e-Wahab(1703 – 22 June 1792)) who came into picture when Ottoman empire was established and then within 10 years of span Al saud group with the help of Ibn-e-Abdul Wahab they replaced ottoman empire with Al-Saud group.. so we got founder and supporter

wahabiyat Basically came into existence in the year 1924 with the help of Al-Saud group.

Now, being funded by Al-Saud group, from all around Saudi arabia and UAE, Qatar and Kuwait

Now muslim youngsters those are far away from research, history and Education, after seeing RSS and other right wing groups of India easily getting radicalised and becoming extremism..

Great team effort by Sreenivas Sir & NDTV team

Thank you for such a good report"

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