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"Ok here is the procedure......... Notices are send and police is asked that on what basis and evidence you have filed the report. The report is also shared with me and i am asked, that do i accept it.or not ? If not then Police Investigation officer is called with evidence etc and asked to explain the case. I bring my counter evidence and the case is argued upon between the complainant { bajwa} me and police. If the complaint is found to be false , orders are given to delete it. And then orders ..."
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"Just look at the political backing. Doctor already decided that he wont come and the politician even asked the supreme court to deliver verdict in his favour where he will face "No contempt of court proceedings" if he doesn't appears as the supreme court has just yesterday said that such commissions of inquiry and tribunals have no Contempt proceeding powers.

Look at the timing. The very filing of such a BOGUS FIR itself indicates that there is a political targeting going on. FIR with..."
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Show it to the world that you are honest and decent beyond comparison.

Show it that all my allegations on you are wrong. Come prove it then and there that how big a criminal and a wrong doer i am Or get proved otherwise .

No DATES No More waiting for years and years. THEN AND THERE.

And if you prove me wrong , u will have more of a solid case.

these forums don't belong to any one of us , but yes they will be neutral.

Why you want to destroy your honest image by do..."
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"DECENCY is all about some big drama now a days. FILING fake FIR's on your near ones and then harassing them. And then with the help of hired people creating scenes on internet where you market yourself as a honest decent doctor and the other person as evil is the new form of decency. And this will continue until people start looking at others beyond the degrees and the TAG they hold in public. Doctors cant be thieves or what ??"
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"With people Like Dr Bajwa DECENCY is better bid good bye , its all about money honey. GREED GREED GREED all the way. No family values no nothing........

Mssg :-

Mr bajwa you claim to be a very law abiding HONEST person with a lot of high morale values. Why then you don't
walk your talk. Real HONESTY reflects from your actions.Your actions compare you with mafia etc.

I very well know how honest you are , but i want to clear the misconception u have created here.

If you really have a problem a..."
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