Prateek Bhatia

Commented 5 years ago
"With people Like Dr Bajwa DECENCY is better bid good bye , its all about money honey. GREED GREED GREED all the way. No family values no nothing........

Mssg :-

Mr bajwa you claim to be a very law abiding HONEST person with a lot of high morale values. Why then you don't

walk your talk. Real HONESTY reflects from your actions.Your actions compare you with mafia etc.

I very well know how honest you are , but i want to clear the misconception u have created here.

If you really have a problem and you want a quick solution then why don't take the quickest way.

It will take years in the court to solve the case {By the way what's your case , u have no case }

And your THANA is only meant for you.

Why don't you engage in a Transparent immediate problem solving mechanism.

In the women's court or NHRC , u can come with all you have got and i can come with all i have got and immediately then and there the whole thing would be resolved. Who is guilty and who is honest , all will be solved then and there in one single hearing. Is not this what you want or your motives are criminally harassing , LAND GRABBING ETC as i have alleged. And if that's the case then from now on don't stage your high morale value innocence drama here. Your are the biggest liar and are far more dirty and corrupt in your thinking then any one else. On your own you are nothing , but its just the people who are backing you that cause the difference. But until when they will back you , let me see. As now your deeds are coming to the fore front , very soon any one who will be backing you will be eating in to his her own support base. I see no reason why any one will back a person like u.

I am giving u a GOLDEN chance to prove your innocence then and there and prove me guilty. I will get notices send to you by the court and then resolve your issues there. I can legally also ask you to come , that i will do , but as of now i just want to expose to the public what your reality is.I very well know that you wont come until forced. U run away while the police calls me there as well. And you don't come here as well. How are you going to fight the case ??

What you thought , court cases are all about levelling baseless allegation with the help of some backing and then running away. You have to prove those allegations as well."

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