Prateek Bhatia

Commented 5 years ago

Show it to the world that you are honest and decent beyond comparison.

Show it that all my allegations on you are wrong. Come prove it then and there that how big a criminal and a wrong doer i am Or get proved otherwise .

No DATES No More waiting for years and years. THEN AND THERE.

And if you prove me wrong , u will have more of a solid case.

these forums don't belong to any one of us , but yes they will be neutral.

Why you want to destroy your honest image by doing some SETTING and filing fake cases. Prove it then and there that i am wrong. Come Dr Bajwa come.

By not coming you will risk the character of every one who has ever supported you. You want justice , here is justice waiting for you.

But you want to exploit , u want to harass { As this is your real character} U want others to owe your wrong doings , u want to be greedy , u want to falsely implicate { AS this is your real character} Then refuse my offer.

Come Dr bajwa come , Don't run away.

I have proven on my page that you don't have a case , your entire case is fake. I have got my statement recorded as well. There is no case of arrest here. And then the case will go on and on . But why doing that. Do something sensible. Just one day is all it takes and you can prove me guilty."

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