Prateek Bhatia

Commented 5 years ago
"Just look at the political backing. Doctor already decided that he wont come and the politician even asked the supreme court to deliver verdict in his favour where he will face "No contempt of court proceedings" if he doesn't appears as the supreme court has just yesterday said that such commissions of inquiry and tribunals have no Contempt proceeding powers.

Look at the timing. The very filing of such a BOGUS FIR itself indicates that there is a political targeting going on. FIR with no proof of return of money and FIR out of jurisdiction.OUTRIGHT POLITICAL HIGH HANDEDNESS.

Something gives me an idea that these people keep on fighting behind my back with my fake id or whatever { which they have created } and then overnight declare themselves winner. Every morning there is news of some court etc.

I am not exactly sure that this rule applies to the "NHRC" or the "Women's commission" as i am not a lawyer, but i think i am right. Yes , i can beat the best of lawyers in the arguments, if we talk of LOGIC. But then i have little idea about the procedures and the sections compared to a full fledged lawyer. But then i have far more idea about life and far more maturity and experience then any one else. Unparalleled.

So OVERNIGHT {while i was sleeping} with the help of hired people and behind my back with my fake id these people keep winning matches or so i guess. What ever i do through out the day , they pour water over it at night. This is what they think , but any right thinking person will differ with them. As there is no fight which is fought in the BEHIND YOUR BACK HIDDEN MODE.

And this running away again proves that the doctor has no case and he wants to avoid arguments etc. His aim is just to harass me and my mother and label us as criminals. That's it. Outright political targeting and backing going on.

With out getting in to a lot of ifs and buts , the fact is that these people or commissions deliver justice or not ?? And that too immediate or not ?? Then why running away , is justice is all you want ? But doctor wants something else ...."

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