Prateek Bhatia

Commented 5 years ago
"Ok here is the procedure......... Notices are send and police is asked that on what basis and evidence you have filed the report. The report is also shared with me and i am asked, that do i accept it.or not ? If not then Police Investigation officer is called with evidence etc and asked to explain the case. I bring my counter evidence and the case is argued upon between the complainant { bajwa} me and police. If the complaint is found to be false , orders are given to delete it. And then orders are given to punish the REAL culprits. The moment i came to knew of the FIR , i in my WRITTEN REPLY along with denying the charges even mentioned that i have filed two cases { Now three} in response to that notice.Now what ever inquiry has to happen , it can happen through their court or these bodies even have inspectors and agencies of their own to investigate the matter. And i am cooperating and not running away. Simple. Now who so ever is guilty , he and she will be brought to the books. That was a preliminary inquiry and i responded to that . That sort of cases are usually solved and deleted at the THANA LEVEL and nil report is filed. But i took it to the other level as i want guilty people punished and punished heavily for filing such fake cases."

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