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"Ops sasikala Amma n those 120 mla's all were taking the poor people of Tamilnadu for a ride. Atleast now stop this drama mr. Ops. The general public is fed up."
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"People of Tamilnadu, Use your conscience atleast now. Dont forget the betrayal done to you by the traitors whom you elected. For Gods sake,dont forget and forgive them when they try to lure you with some more grinders and cycles.Slap them on face when they come with wide close up smiles and folded hands."
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"A convict controlling the government..feeling ashamed of being born in this country!!"
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"A convict controlling a government...feeling ashamed of being born in this country!!!"
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"What is the governor doing there?? Permit fresh elections to happen..let the people of TN decide. Enough of all these corrupt MLA's and sasikala playing cheap theatrics. Now the limit has crossed. House maid sasi..go and cook sambar rather than dreaming the CM's chair!!!"
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