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"I think goverrment should drop this case, and allow this IAS officer of repute to continue his job. Unnecessarily harassing him, is not ethical. No mistakes done you would nail some one and place him in suspension? Criminal intent it is to unsettle a decent citizen and an IAS. Such things devalue the ethics in India. Please do not do it. Leave his do his work diligently. IAS are trained for detail in masterly ways. Why harass one because he checked Mr. Modi's Copter. Sad such things are allowed ..."
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"Tell them to go to the caves in the remote areas of the forest tp ,meditate and never come back. Chose well educated candidates who can be productive."
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"It is funny these guys make monies out of IPL but call it all kinds of names. British players getting mouthie is common cas it is in their blood without which their tongue cannot roll to talk right. We have to muse ourselves on such things too!"
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"Shri. Ramnath Kovind is a very erudite individual
living in simplicity. No one should harm to him even by thought. He was chosen by the divinity much before he was asked to stand for the post of the President of India. Our nation has crude Hinuds still attacking the downtrodden without responsibility and the Muslims attacking many MP's like they decide every thing for the nation. Goernment takes erudite and smart individuals from the Muslim community too and gives them good and responsible mini..."
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"Mother and the child are inseparable. Kindly let her be with her child.
Please listen to the lady who is clear in her explanations for the delay. Do not keep her away from her child. Don't be cruel like other countries. We have a heart in our nation. Do justice to this lady from Poland. Polish people are good people very friendly and helpful. In the world there are many coutnries who mericilessly treat us as if we are only a number not a human citizen of the world. Such treatments you should no..."
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