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"Imbalanced characters who did not understand God - heavy flesh fed, cruelty preached and brainwahsed, always attacking HIndus, no rationale in speeches except for venom pesonified, these people do not project God but only Satan. Cruel minds think of killing others who are not of their faith. These people needs education surely in India, in a secular form. There cruel and irratoinal discourses should be banned, as man will lose his humanity and behave like a beast in human form. Look at the pic..."
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"Because MLA's wanted a drama to exploit. They have no itnerest otherwise on public saftey. Attrocious illitereate goondas are manning our nation. We have to get rid of them and bring in disciplined educated specially certified personnels to contest elections and devise laws which are suited for Modern India and it's people. We should not encourage illiterate politicians. They should have at least MA in sociel sciences plus a UPSC exam qualification - needs to be introduced to get selected as ..."
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"It is sad Jadjeja was never given consistant place in the team irrespective of his performance in the past. Some non successful cricketers like Manjrekar Jr were also criticizing the selection of Jadeja. Jadeja truly should have bee their in place of K L Rahul. Whatever one says there are elements which favor not so good players in order to give them a chance again and again due personnel interest. We have lots more masters young ones two of them who got injured and there is no news about them ..."
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"Urmila Matondkar should also act though she id a politician. Country is also important as well the entertainement. Beind one of the best actors, she should not ignore acting. My best wishes to her."
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"Can't you not be careful? Shy you become a prey to these animals who want to escalate the war. So dangerous and jealous they are, Indians should not get hurt and must be five times more alert, and any movement seen, het the head first. This nation wants to be in the news allt he time after sniping at Indian military personnel. Shame on them."
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