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"yes i voted 1 out of 10 for this movie and maybe i'm the only idiot to do so but hear me out.Dangal shows the struggle of Geeta Phogat an real life girl who was born in 80's and those of us who were know how difficult it was for a girl to compete with men due to our social stigmas.The achievement of Geeta Phogat and how she reached there was no less of a miracle than what was shown in the movie with dramatised scenes to spice it all up.
That was the biggest mistake of Amir Khan, i believe that f..."
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"Dear NDTV i hope you give this a serious thought,
I have a suggestion which i'm making in all earnestness and should not be taken in a wrong way neither with a pinch of salt.I sincerely think that the ban on animal cruelty is valid and we should be somehow kill and eat animals and still practice that we are not cruel towards animals, think as if someone is telling you that i'm giving you all the crae and love in this world only so that i can eat you on the day i chose fit so grow well my boy.(I ..."
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"@Anonymous: actually any killing is cruel, don't you think so.Or please tell me the way to die you love the most."
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