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"@nitishkumar ji

This is what makes you a different CM.. a very well said thoughts with lot of inputs and clearly indicating how these thoughts are not allowed to be circulated...

Its not about being anti-BJP but its about opposing the wrong policies. Please continue the good work."
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Nitish Kumar made a mistake by resigning but giving manjhi a chance was not a mistake

bihar lost its way in last eight months

Bihar needs Nitish Kumar back...

BJP is at helm of affairs and its their call and it will be anti Nitish

Manjhi can continue and ruin Bihar with BJP's help..

One man which BJP fears after Kejriwal is Nitish Kumar, the great Adminsitrator."
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"so true.. its a PR affair all the way

a new way of governing INDIA.."
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"i have never seen such a biased reporting. it seems this program was aired to put Mr Nitish Kumar on back foot.. u have compared Bihar to Delhi then Gujrat.. biggest irony...

Mr Umashankar Singh you have just displayed that this indeed is paid news.

Common u were promoting Lalu and trying to put Nitish Ji on backfoot..

Bihar has developed a lot form being nthing.. thanks to Lalu n you who are trying to pull bihar back again"
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