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"i think supporters have right to be angry on team but not on their personal things. .. team is accountable not their spouse,GF or family to the supporters . so stop scathing on Anushka"
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"Well done, why only suspend. should be jailed under new law. by the way i don't understand , there a law which says husband need to sign a NOC for wife to travel... seriously... heights of ridiculousness...
By the way just 2 weeks back this happened in Bangalore airport. there was a immigration officer who was harassing a passenger with bugging question, but the man was answering all , the moment the gentle man took out a pan-parag kind of small packet. and put it in his mounth in front of offi..."
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"These are of no use.. ppl wills till buy cars with high road tax.. and regarding certificate, we all know how present pollution certificate works.

make the bus lane and make the buses ply on time , ppl will live to take buses. #PMO"
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"shameless..... . if such thing happens to his family member then if he says, boys make mistakes. ppl who vote after hearing these views are further shameless"
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"Guarantee chaiye to " arise inverter lo""
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