Mukul Biswas

Commented 5 years ago
"Well done, why only suspend. should be jailed under new law. by the way i don't understand , there a law which says husband need to sign a NOC for wife to travel... seriously... heights of ridiculousness...

By the way just 2 weeks back this happened in Bangalore airport. there was a immigration officer who was harassing a passenger with bugging question, but the man was answering all , the moment the gentle man took out a pan-parag kind of small packet. and put it in his mounth in front of officer, then officer started shouting on him that "why don't you speak kanada" and "who allow such ppl to stay here " , " how dare you eat that" etc... but to his surprise the passenger was actually kanadika and started giving back. when the passenger went and complained to the head officer and said you will see a complain soon they started apologizing too on behalf of the immigration officer."

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