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 4 years ago | Permalink
"@arvind kejriwal stop ur gutter style politics and start focusing on governance you are Delhi CM not some collage president it is unfortunate that you indulge in such low level of public discourse you dont deserve to hold a constitutional position ."
 5 years ago | Permalink
"NO wonder Rahul is poor in maths since mani forgot to tell him 22 billion is more than zero what congress got"
 5 years ago | Permalink
"You are right cong by getting zero Rs in coal block was working for indian economy and bjp by getting 3lakh cr + is pushing india back ..... thank god u dont teach economics to kids ."
 5 years ago | Permalink
"why are u so blinded ... rajnath singh was not the HM when this shamefull act took place .... the amount of time you spend on BJP Bashing why dont u spend that time in promoting the himmat application started by Delhi police under rajnath singh ."
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