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 4 months ago | Permalink
"LIke Yediyurappa did in Karnataka!"
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"Would the children of Padmabhushan Sania Mirza be considered as citizens of India or Pakistan, since their father is a Pakistani?"
 2 years ago | Permalink
"Pre-marriage counseling must be made compulsory for both parents, groom & bride & all marriages have to be registered, st least one week in advance! Marriages, taking place, without the consent of couple, getting married should be banned & parents, involved should be punished, by amending the constitution, if necessary!"
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"Freedom of Expression must be a joke for this Govt & All the politicians, who rose to power in the last 2 decades, including the PM!"
 2 years ago | Permalink
"How would the Muslim women benefit by jailing their husbands? Would Govt take care of their & children's welfare?

Before proposing such bills, law-makers should think of the repercussions? How can the law-makers who are sanyasis & saints, who're either married or gave up their spouses, would understand others' family problems!"
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