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 3 days ago | Permalink
"Horrific! Shameful! Only humans are capable of such behaviour!"
 1 week ago | Permalink
"Look who is talking about learning. 😂"
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"Can't understand why people who see this don't free the trapped animal or bird and save it instead of filming or photographing it. Really disgusting attitude! It will be very different if it were a human who was trapped!"
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"Objecting to a Muslim delivering food and asking for halal meat are two different things altogether. Halal meat is not a human. A Muslim delivering food is. Asking a Muslim not to deliver food is racist. Asking for halal meat is not. Funny that people can't even differentiate between these two points"
 2 weeks ago | Permalink
"What??? Feeding innocent animals and birds is illegal??? Which society will say this??? Ridiculous living in the USA really!"
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