Imran Shaikh

Commented 2 months ago
"People of India is not supporting CAA because they know the damage to country in next 4 years. It is just distruct country nothing else. First government taking our votes and than asking us are you indian is it fair. I thing it is cheating with country people's.

Our country is facing lot of economic problems GDP is less than 5 no work no jobs no business that effect Income of government than for procedure how can funds mobilize ? simple by unnessesarry fines new laws to collect lot of texes from general public. Tell me if OIC stops crude oil than what will do our HM and PM can de introduce new crude oil. It's just bang on Indian economy. First Amit Shah and Narendra Modi clear all plans and process every thing should be in writing than you can go ahead. If you cannot explain your bill than how can we trust you. Every indian know what is reason behind this. But they can't do to implement law it's gurantee. It is not practical it's just Dreams like 15lakhs to indian National if they vote to bjp."

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