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"Always targetting the common man, why should the FD rates be brought down ? the banks have so much wealth now, they should ideally increase it. As inflation is always bound to increase, Land rates have sky rocketed, school admissions and fees are too high, pulses, rice rates are increasing.VAT is charged at 15% which has increase, petrol price has increased. But FD rates are decreasing, which will throw the common man out of the system. Your beauracts will get all the bribe money and will never..."
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"The most ridiculous Judgement, Given by the court. Regardless of BJP,Congress or AAP, this is the most undemocratic decision given by the Hon.High court. This decision kills the democracy, the will of the people is clamped down in the name of dummy democracy. If every decision is taken by the LG, then why do you need a CM, Council of ministers and MLA. People of Delhi should Never forget this tyranny of BJP (they elected 7 BJP MPs). When the will of the People is nullified by an Appointee of cen..."
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"@Anantharamu g: What is so people friendly, it is corporate friendly only,Why should tax payers money to be spent for loss of pvt airlines. If they are unable to run, shut it down"
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"@KkpVidya1999 - where were you fcking when BJP members were celebrating Nathuram Godse and planning to install his statue ? What were you doing when yogi adithiyarnath was commenting ? The same BJP is in power with PDP - who openly condemed hanging of afsalguru . Why dont you guys leave the power"
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"@TRUTH: You got to really shut up! dont spoil my religion HINDUISM, with your fanatic statement."
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