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"For many years we've lived under the illusion that we were a great nation, on the gates of greatness again. One pandemic, not even SS widespread in India as in many other countries has shown we've a divided and rotten society. Where human life has no value and systems have no accountability. I've moved past my anger of BJP / Congress. Garv se nahin, sharm se kaho hum Indian hain. And Mr. Modi, you can escape everything lekin ye jo hai lagegi logon ki, is se bach ke kahan jaoge"
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"Obviously 20+ years of BJP rule isn't enough for Ram Rajya!"
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"Shouldn't you jokers have discussed this internally before opening up ticket bookings and making people spend money and handing it over to airlines? Or was that the plan all along?"
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"Worst run ‘company' which should be taken first to NCLT is government of India. Every year us a budget deficit which they bridge through borrowings. This is all subscribed by public sector banks which is all our savings. Internal and external borrowings are close to 9 months GDP. The Congress had better skilled people to handle economy, super corrupt. BJP doesn't know how to handle the economy, probably lesser corruption. Probably. In the end we have no accountability for our savings..."
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"That police constable needs an FIR filed against him and to be prosecuted, not just 'suspended' and reinstated when the news story loses steam."
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