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"@aspiring indian: The most important point is that this hassle is going to pave way for having a level playing field for our next generation. The kids of dishonest otherwise had a strong starting advantage of stashed cash. Sir, you keep going, the "HONEST" Indian is with you and believe you me, Honest people are still more in number...!!"
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"Deal with them with Iron hand. These islamists need not be given an iota of an opportunity to feel that Indian state is weak. Until they agree to talk within the ambit of Indian constitution and conform that J&K is an integral part of India, let them face the wrath. You have 100% of Indian public's Support. Few prestitutes and a handful of secessionists, should not bother."
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"I get a weird sense of a lull before a storm. Pakistan not acting on 26/11 did not prove that costly for them, but let me tell you present dispensation in India will have a measured response for non-action on Pathankot. Modi and his team will act, period. Wait and watch."
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"Until I read it, I thought he must be talking about FTII or some Film institute. Its insane and with due respect, I believe AB will also shun it off..:)"
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"@Mohammed Ashraf: Alas, some sanity prevailing. This must have been done from 15th Aug 1947. Why did it take so long? To hell with people who question timing and its efficacy. A flag is a national symbol to be extremely proud of... Unfurl it on all educational institutions be it schools, colleges or universities."
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