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"My experience of introducing value added tax (GST) in the UK and in Canada has shown the prices spiked and never came down.The people who are going to bear the burden of the huge spike will be the poor.Given the literacy situation in India and rampant corruption,the recoveries are not going to be passed onto the consumer.Also given the complete lack of accountability,the corruption will increase many fold."
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"God bless his soul and give the family strenght to cope.My prayers and thoughts with the family.God's ways are mysterious.Prayer helps.Those of us who have children studying in far off places will understand the pain.Your pain is our pain."
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"What a terrible tragedy.Lord,give the family the strenght to cope.prayer helps the family to understand God's ways,which are mysterious!"
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"Mother was in my opinion devoid of ego and an icon to many around the world,including myself.She was very much an Indian,more Indian than most Indians I knew in the UK and NA.I only had one occassion to attend mass in her presence,in Toronto.Mass was at 7.00 I thought I would casually walk to St.Michael's Cathedral.On reaching the begining of the road,I saw traffic diversions and many police and the church packed to the brim.mother spoke for just two minutes,talking on Love and Lonliness ..."
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"Sad day for India,sad day for Bihar and sad day for the congress party and its allies,when nepotism and dynastic politics are applauded by all who attended the swearing in ceremony.The Anti corruption bureau will be active.hope it is manned by people of integrity who have zero tolerance for corruption.This politics of convenience by the congress party should expose itself to the people of the country,that it is not fit to rule as yet."
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