Tanveer Masood

Commented 4 years ago
"Today i feel a little confident about the swiftness and proficiency of law enforcement agencies and authorities out there in Delhi and even in kolkata. This is just the tip of the iceberg - people working in several MNC's and private companies have gone on to become managers and even CEO's on the basis of their fake certificates and degrees and that is shameless. I was severely confronted by an executive of a recruitment agency in kolkata when I tried to put forth my honesty , integrity and uprightness as a reason for instability in my career. Hope people like these learn lessons that falsehood might be strong enough but then it is ephemeral (short lived).I tried hard to reason with several prospective employers during the course of PI that my honest and integrity didnt allow me to work for longer time and that was the reason for my job hopping and that what ever documents I possesed was true and that was issued by the companies I worked for and certificates were issued by the institution and universities were I studied and underwent professional training. But that didnt urged any of the employers (prospective). Hope everyone learns a lesson from this incident."

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