Tanveer Masood

Commented 3 years ago
"I got terminated few days ago, Monday , 02-05-2016 which was basically a bank holiday for most of the employees out there , from Met technologies pvt ltd., calcutta for not meeting sales target. I was working for UK based phone company Unitel direct where I was told" telesales is not for me - good bye". After 9 years in BPO industry, I shudder to imagine that there are certain outdated hiring and firing policies being followed. Here today gone tomorrow - performance does not happen overnight and it needs team effort to generate sales / revenue that an executive is expected to generate.There is immense uncertainty involved in a sales based process and a career out of it is very challenging. People are being hired like daily labourers who can be shown the door at any juncture of their career. What was very astonishing to imagine is the fact that even employees who lose their job for performance reasons have to wait for next three moths to get themselves re-hired. Three months cooling off duration is generally given to people who cant crack their interview in the first go. Reminds me of EXL services , Noida that follows the practice of terminating employees for disclosure of their intranet user name and password. employees portal does not consist of sensitive information or price sensitive information that would impact company's revenue growth or its basic constitution. Serious need of revamping and overhauling HR policies - lets make policies that can generate employment and not snatch someone's livelihood. our country is reeling from severe brain drain and unemployment which in turn is leading to crimes like terrorism and scams. If we continue with such iron rod policies then certainly we are going to hit the last nail in our own coffin. Lets be a little tolerant because when intolerance becomes organised and institutioanlised it destroys our democratic freedom which in turn leads to the destruction of national peace.

People bring in idols and their favourite gods and goddesses inside the office premises which interferes with religous freedom inside the premises . Such things needs to be stopped. Full and final settlement of a very meagre amount is not going to sustain any one for the rest of his / her life.Its not a monthly pension or a one time gratuity - we need to understand this"

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