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 4 years ago | Permalink
"What Is NDTV Trying To Convey in This Report Or Just Instigating Trouble??"
 5 years ago | Permalink
"Let In More Muslim Immigrants And This Is What You Get But Lessons Are Hard To Learn !!"
 5 years ago | Permalink
"Shame On AAP For Letting Down Rape victim By Running Away From Governance In Delhi!!"
 6 years ago | Permalink
"Not Only Are There Corrupt Politicians We Have Corrupt Bureaucrats To Deal With Unless Some Exemplary Action And Punishment Is Meted Out To These Corrupt People Till Then We Will See No Change In The Corrupt System !!"
 6 years ago | Permalink
"How Long Will India Have To Tolerate Such Brutality Of Medieval-style village Courts Are Political Parties Bent On Taking No Action As This Effects Their Vote Bank SHAME!!"
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