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"I think the Supreme Court has erred in holding that the party cannot compel the re bel legislators to attend the sessions. It ignores the right of a party to issue whips to its members to attend and vote according to the party's decision. Depriving this right of a political party without hearing it is denial of natural justice. A member elected with the support of the party should be deemed to have covonented to abide by the party's decisions."
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"Supreme Court cannot give directions to the speaker or to any other constitutional authority. But if the speaker rejects the resignations or decides the disqualification, as his action is in the nature of a quasi judicial act, the Supreme Court gets the right to hear and decide any appeal against it."
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"It was doomed to be dismissed in view of s/8 of the Judges(Inquiry) Act, 1968, authorising the chairman of rajya sabha to refuse to accept the motion for impeachment. So this move to withdraw to save loss of face"
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"The views are not unbiased and the disclaimer that they are the author's own and not those of ndtv will apply to every open minded person."
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"The trick or ruse is to mulct after the clean chit is given and the sun starts shining."
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