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"Internationally all the nations should get together and take a determined effort to bring down the heat in the environment, which directly reflects in the warming and melting of the north and south poles of our planet earth.

All the nations should immediately take action individually and drastic steps formulated to remove the pollution and heat causing ingredients at the respective nations.

We collectively should act to protect the planet. India blindly follows the world irrespective of popu..."
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"She was the darling of film goers. Her face is like that of a live angel. The whole nation India will miss her. May her lovely soul come back to be born soon and may God make her into an actress again with more abilities to excel further in her acting career and delight every one further more. I always say to my friends the good at heart and lovely people will come back to accomplish much more in their following lives. On a ladder of ascension these souls realize the finality of life earlier th..."
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"You have no modern fighting equipments? Are you not supposed to protect the industry with state of the art fire fighting equipments, given the fact, such businesses could be heavy fire risk? You are constructing high rises, what are you doing as reserve in the event of fire accidents in these tall buildings? All buildings are going up and up in the sky - and do you know, how risky it is to get to the higher floors to contain fire? Indian engineers are not sensible or responsible in any area th..."
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"You have Canadian PM Trudeau waiting for you. Be civilized Mr. Modi to receive him. The whole world media is watching your dirty game of ignoring him? Or you told him that you will meet him on such and such day only?

Here we thousands of Indian origin citizens are ashamed of your indecency.

Have at least some character. Five days of silence ignoring a state chief from Canada, denotes not your intelligence but quite the opposite of the word.

Sorry you owe an apology to the citizens of Canada..."
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"Very cruel. A baby tiger - it survived. People are losing their heads nowadays. Too much attention they want, it does not matter how it can be created. Foolish all the way. The authorities should impose strict punishment and fine for this act."
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