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"You should not get too slim ss a fast ball bowler. If you aspire a thin/slim body, your waiste will not have enough muxle to work and cushion the lower discs. It is foolish if one is slim other aspire also to be slim. This is madness. Such things are done by hearsay wihout consulting a good health management expert. Result is a fractured spine! Every body in the body construction is not same. The lower back for any human is fragile and needs to be looked after. It should have muscles to keep the..."
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"This Turkey is a country like our neighbor Pakistan. USA having a nuclear base in it is foolish. They have to be caeful and take them out. Recently Turkey joined Pakistan in taunting India. Erdogan the leader is an egoist and arrogant leader, with less principles. India should note this and take steps to keep this country away from any of our difficulties as negotiators or in any other role. Dirty in outlook clearly is a no no when coming to political association. Better leaders in the future..."
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"Who cares about his reports. He is not suitable to rule India. Period."
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"Rahul can say anything he wants. Who cares. Shear waste of political time with this family which is totally incorrigible in every area. Irresponsible outright supporting irresponsibly Kashmir leaders as Nehru's friends. He has some Kashmiri blood surely in him, but he attacks the problem on the wrong side. I wish this Congress Party is wound up and shut down as an old party which worked for the independance of India.Further no one should be allowed to use its name."
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"Mamata Bannerjee should be asked to retire from politics. She is over 50years in politics and is very arrogant and unidirectional - Only her opinions are etched on the rocks. She needs to be sent home and retire."
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