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"theatre of the psycho Hitchcock style being played efore a pan india audience."
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"bollywood is best equipped to do only three kind of films,action,romance and comedy and it should stick to it.watched pk and hated stupid preaching,everyone knows them.people go to hall for masala,not complete confusion prevailed about the velvet plot.and anurag and his cast gets lifes shocker.will watch amir in a dil hai ki manta nahi sequel but never in a pk.will expect kashyap to do a remake of tridev,the 1990 mega hit and an entertainment will resurrect him."
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"makes a very good read.his early romantic avatar of the 90s graduated to schwarznegger like biceps all movies lately and his cult status made him an arrogant law breaker.its time he makes it as being humble as also being human."
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"pragmatism,reality check with ambitious vision alone can elevate indian railways to next level.over the night,we cant run a train like eurostar from a station as great as st.pancras of london.what the west have isnt accessible to us.move to higher speed slowly,make better locos and coatches,keeping it,partly,accessible to an efficient workforce.the transformation will come slowly."
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"democracy has completely mauled in west bengal,in rural bengal the most,over past two turned a blind eye to other state faces such a grim situation."
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