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"I think what we should focus more on is her exceptional career, nor just gender. She deserved it."
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"There are some routes that only air India serves and no other operator is willing to serve. This includes direct flights to the US and service to small towns like Allahabad. Goodbye convinience and connectivity for small towns."
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"You are comparing congress to its glory days. Do you remember how strong congress was? Do you remember how strong advani was once? :-) Or Yashwant Sinha? Things change hoshiyaar admi... The public that has given you so much power will almost CERTAINLY make you another Advani/Paswan/Congress if they don't see any progress. And the bad news for you is that people are seeing a lot of paperwork and empty promises but no actual change."
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"Lol... Maybe he was forcibly converted to bajrang dal too."
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