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"Is it true that corporate houses now control all big media cos. So there cannot be any serious criticism of any major party BJO or Congress. Better read online magazines like the Wire or Scroll in or the Quint."
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"1849 Treaty of Lahore was a dubious legal document and punitive in nature and it was signed under duress by a seven year old Duleep Singh. Hence, the Kohinoor was taken away illegally from India as a war booty. Unlike the Mughal Kings who made India their home and contributed to the developement of the country, the British only wanted to profit from their occupation of India and left the country in ruins. If they have any sense of guilt of their past, they should return the Kohinoor and pay comp..."
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"Barkha Dutt is right, if the rest of India feels Kashmir is part of India, then its people must be treated as brothers. Their pain and suffering should be our pain and suffering then only they will become an integral part of India. Kashmir is not a girl friend who cannot be treated like dirt."
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"Triple Talaq is already illegal as per Quran and also confirmed by the High Court of India and also by laws in most muslim countries. A period of 3 months must be followed where the intent of divorce by man or woman should be in writing and go through an arbitration process by a court specifically set for this purpose. This is the best way and being followed in many countries."
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"The What-about Haj Subsidy is a stupid analogy which needs to be thrown into the dust bin. First, the government provides fiscal aid to the pilgrims based on Hajj Act started by the British and used , mostly to pay Air India for around 120000 pilgrms. Secondly, Muslims do not need this subsidy as Hajj is only required to be done if a muslim has enough of his own money. Most Muslim organizations have asked this subsidy to be stopped and even the Supreme Court has asked the Government to stop it c..."
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