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"As far I understand law and order is a state subject. Central Government cannot intervene in the law and order issue of a state until they get a report from state governor. If the central government directly take control of such issues that will effect the federal structure of the country. Here the issue was solved in hours. Yes there is a failure that state did not succeeded in preventing such large mob gathering. Haryana CM also admitted that failure from the state administration."
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"Avinash who is the victim belongs to Dalit community. Those who ragged Avinash and others belongs to SFI students wing of ruling CPI(M).

There is negligence from the Polutechnic College Authorities also. Why they do not adhere to the Supreme Court direction of 2009. Action to be taken against them."
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"@Gudla Deepak: It is a government institution. Governmet Polytechnic College, Nattakam, Kottayam. The student Avinash who is the victim of ragging belongs to dalit community. Those who ragged him are from students wing of ruling CPI(M) SFI."
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"This is what the Supreme Court observed:
Taking an overall view of the entire evidence and the judgment delivered by the trial Court, we firmly believe that there was no need to take a different view than the one taken by the trial Court. The behaviour of the Respondent wife appears to be terrifying and horrible. One would find it
difficult to live with such a person with tranquility and peace of mind. Such torture would adversely affect the life of the husband. It is also not in dispute that th..."
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"The attacker, Govindachamy, will not hang, the Supreme Court ruled today, reducing his sentence to 14 years in jail.

Would you please tell me from where you got this information? The supreme court order Page No.13 Para 13 reads as

So far as the offence under Section 376 IPC is concerned, from a consideration of the postmortem report (Exhibit P-69) D.N.A. Profile (Exhibit P-2) and the evidence of P.W. 64 and P.W. 70, there can be no manner of doubt that it is the accused appellant who had commi..."
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