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"I am a huge Bachchan fan and am very disappointed that I wiLl not be able to watch "Pink"" as the producers have hired a Pakistani singer.

Hope Indians boycott films featuring Pakistani artists. Like South Africa was banned from sport, art, trade till the time it dismantled apartheid; terrorist and communal nations must be banned till the time they stop exporting terror.

Shame on those Indians who hire Pakistanis. Couldn't the producers hire local talent?

1. Pakista..."
 4 years ago | Permalink
"Amitabh Bachchan is an icon and a legend in the truest sense. He has inspired millions and has excelled in his chosen artform. He is articulate, intelligent and well read. There is no case against him. I hope Modi nominates him for President."
 5 years ago | Permalink
"Its a shame. The videos were truly horrific. People who hurt children are not human."
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"I support the BJP ministers view. pakistan is an enemy country which has killed many Indians and has beheaded our soilders.

Our country is most vulnerable to terror attacks since there are local traitors who have conducted terror attacks with support from Pakistan.

I hope a law is passed which prohibits people entering in to a close relationship with someone from the enemy country and in case someone does, he/she should not be given any voting rights and any right to hold any government posit..."
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"If the victims are Indians one must condemn the attacks and hope for the government to control the situation. However if the alleged victims are Bangladeshi and Pakistani scum who are polluting our country, then perhaps they should be hunted down like rats and deported to their respective countries. NAMO FOR PM!"
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