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 3 months ago | Permalink
"which is this petition? can i find it online?"
 3 months ago | Permalink
"Kids!!! please grow up! ek baar janata ne maaf kar di! dubaara nahi karegi! dont let this victory go to your heads! you'll be shown the door if you continue to behave like kids!"
 3 months ago | Permalink
"Stop being such an immature Government! The Joke is on our country due to your reaction to the movie! Why dont you focus on improving the ground situation that causes such crimes? Instead of banning movies, strengthen the judiciary, improve education, ensure that the culture is reformed, that women are made to feel safer!"
 5 months ago | Permalink
"hahha So Geelani has woken up to the Unislamic acts all of a sudden?? this has been going on for 30 years....... and he didnt notice?? :D"
 7 months ago | Permalink
"why not publish this list on wikileaks??? why all this drama?? :D"
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