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"Thats a very ambiguous ruling! If these courts are allowed to exist, they will be considered authentic and binding by the uneducated and illiterate, and their influence will grow. This was a good opportunity to ban such extra-legal entities! also, the court should direct the Union Government to hasten the establishment of a Common Civil Code to completely brush out the influence of all religions on the common man."
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"and use lots of Fair and Lovely Cream??? :P bleh why even ask such daft airheads!"
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"Dear Modiji, Could you please visit Bangalore? The entire city has become a garbage dump!! garbage has not been cleared for days....... very soon there will be an outbreak of diseases and the IT city will soon be a quarantine! If you dont act quick! So please make a visit here..............!!! if need be, please announce president's rule............. if a govt cannot even take care of the basic health and hygiene issues of a state, i dont see why they need to be in govt at all! please send..."
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"what is the Aam Aadmi Party doing?? why arent they starting a Dharna against the Delhi Bar Council?? until they suspend all these crooked lawyers and put them behind bars?"
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"btw, what is the Bar Association of Delhi doing??? are they gonna ban all these criminals who pretend to be lawyers or not???"
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