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"hahha So Geelani has woken up to the Unislamic acts all of a sudden?? this has been going on for 30 years....... and he didnt notice?? :D"
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"why not publish this list on wikileaks??? why all this drama?? :D"
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"why don't the Government Agricultural Departments realise their folly of promoting the Green Revolution methods that have bankrupted these farmers and destroyed their lands and water tables? Why dont they accept that the green revolution was a farce, and take our farmers back to natural methods that are both sustainable, profitable and healthy as well. Instead of tilling the soil and killing it, farmers should be trained to mulch, and multi crop, which will revive the soil, restore its natur..."
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"its a pity the government agricultural departments who have caused this devastation through the green revolution, dont recognise their folly, and retrain the farmers in natural farming practices! Tilling the soil, monocropping, are the reason these farmers have to invest in external inputs at all......... instead if they used mulching and multi cropping techniques, they do not have to buy any fertilizer or pesticide............ they will have no inputs and totally profitable! no more poverty ..."
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"what nonsense!!! the shahi imam is a petty priest........... what does it matter who he invites or doesnt invite?? i wonder why the media is making it news?? dont they have any newsworhty things to follow???"
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