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"so why are we just complaining? Why arent NDTV presenting the reality? Why dont NDTV and Indian publications release cartoon based on the Per Capita Consumsption of energy of Americans, Westerners, against Indianns and other 3rd world nations? That will make a huge dent in their credibility! :)"
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"thats old hat! The Congress party have been a liability for our economy from the moment we got independence.......... with its licence raj, and backward looking policies, they have effectively kept india backward for more than 6 decades!"
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"we are a country with more than 500,000 mosques and the second largest muslim population in the world.......... and despite the bad past we have with muslim invaders, we have lived at peace with the muslim populations........ just because the indian ethos is of universality, diversity and accomodation.... this campaign is ill-fitting in this country!"
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"If they have the opportunity to build a Capital city from scratch, it should be planned purely as a business center. No housing/industries, etc.,.... It should only have the Govt offices, minimalistic quarters for officials and representatives, and they should be very basic, so that these officials and representatives dont get attached to them, and lots of affordable hotels, period. That way, the city will never outgrow the masterplan. People will be transient, and wont settle down and build roo..."
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"Both the Judge and the State women's commission chairperson are ABETTORs in this crime! They need to be charged immediately and imprisoned, for abetting the criminal!

How dare they violate the rights of the victim? And how dare they take law into their own hands and their perverted sense of justice?

So, bottomline, what is the message the Indian Judicial system is sending to the citizens? That if a woman doesn't agree to marry you, rape her, so that the court will ask her to marry you? ..."
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