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"that means all lakes and watershed wisdom will be lost forever!!! dont the govt machinery ever learn??? :O piped water has destroyed all lakes and water harvesting from our cities and towns already...... and made water scarce, because we become mind-less consumers and we do not recharge the water sources or maintain the lakes, ponds, and streams that are in the commons.... we become irresponsible...."
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"Shallow reporting! have you examined the process that the GEAC has adopted so far? How they have not been transparent, they have been pulled up the Supreme Court for being secretive? Why should they be secretive if it is a matter of public food safety? Dont we all have a right to know what our food impact is? How can we allow a few idiots to decide what can go into our fields and pollute our entire food chain?

What if there is no way out once the food chain is polluted by the gmo strains..."
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"so why are we just complaining? Why arent NDTV presenting the reality? Why dont NDTV and Indian publications release cartoon based on the Per Capita Consumsption of energy of Americans, Westerners, against Indianns and other 3rd world nations? That will make a huge dent in their credibility! :)"
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"thats old hat! The Congress party have been a liability for our economy from the moment we got independence.......... with its licence raj, and backward looking policies, they have effectively kept india backward for more than 6 decades!"
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"we are a country with more than 500,000 mosques and the second largest muslim population in the world.......... and despite the bad past we have with muslim invaders, we have lived at peace with the muslim populations........ just because the indian ethos is of universality, diversity and accomodation.... this campaign is ill-fitting in this country!"
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