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"Both the Judge and the State women's commission chairperson are ABETTORs in this crime! They need to be charged immediately and imprisoned, for abetting the criminal!

How dare they violate the rights of the victim? And how dare they take law into their own hands and their perverted sense of justice?

So, bottomline, what is the message the Indian Judicial system is sending to the citizens? That if a woman doesn't agree to marry you, rape her, so that the court will ask her to marry you? ..."
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"aha? so now will all stars who endorse skin whitening creams get notices too, firstly because they are a scam, they do not work; secondly, because of the highly harmful ingredients, which are carcinogenic?"
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"folks, saturday, Airlines Hotel okay with all? say about 6-7 pm??"
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"which is this petition? can i find it online?"
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"Kids!!! please grow up! ek baar janata ne maaf kar di! dubaara nahi karegi! dont let this victory go to your heads! you'll be shown the door if you continue to behave like kids!"
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