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"i cant believe this lady was a television news presenter......... she has absolutely no clue what words to use! and what not to! :D"
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"Shouldnt Manmohan Singh be tried for treason, for betraying the highest office of the country and suberting it? Also, the Congress party, shouldnt it be dismantled for subverting the highest office of the country?"
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"Politicians who dont respect our constitution or our laws??? they should all be put on a plane and air droppped in afghanistan! the taliban is where they belong!!! out with these digusting senile leaders who belong to the past!"
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"Congress have and always will remain the Original Communalist party!!!! Do we need any more proof??"
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"its obviously the chinese??? they must have hijacked the plane, and hidden it away....... and act victim.......... so they can start some new games around the indian ocean area....... put in new military radars, start interfering in malaysia...... etc.,????? some new chinese games??"
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